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Man contemplating suicide gets a helpful push off bridge

Suicide Push CheaterA Chinese man heavily in debt spent five hours blocking traffic when finally a passer by got fed up and pushed him off the bridge he was considering jumping from.

Chen Fuchao (no f word jokes please) was about 2 million chinese Yuan in debt, around $290,000 (or one shelf worth of Chinese goods at Walmart).

So he stood on a bridge where 6 other jumpers had ended their lives for around five hours blocking traffic.

66-year-old Lai Jiansheng was fed up with Chen’s “selfish activity” and after breaking though a police cordon pushed Chen off the bridge.

Chen landed on a partially inflated air bag and suffered injuries to his elbow and back.

Lai Jiansheng was detained but released by police after the incident.

Lai posed with a salute after pushing the suicidal man off the bridge.

MSNBC Article

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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6 Responses to “Man contemplating suicide gets a helpful push off bridge”

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