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Stephen Hawking targeted by hacker

Stephen Hawking targeted by hackerStephen Hawking is unable to walk, speak, or remove the malware that has infected his computer. It was only a matter of time until the genius of Hawking met its match and that match was won by a group who installed a backdoor computer trojan onto the computer of the world’s smartest man.

The story of master black hat hacker only known as Agent Phew Knish who has successfully hacked into the voice emulating computer of the world’s most renowned scientist. Here’s the story of the best unknown hack that has been ongoing for years.

It all started when Stephen Hawking started dating Elaine Mason, formerly married to David Mason who designed Hawking’s first talking computer. The year was 1995 and Mason made the first version of the talking computer for Hawking because of the extensive medical issues that kept Hawking from chatting like he did formerly. It wouldn’t be until 2006 that the software in Hawking’s computer would be made succeptible to a hacker.

After Hawking divorced, David was no longer off-the-hook and needed to attend to the needs of his ex-wife. This is where the long plan started to roll into action.

David contacted the Church of Scientology and started making claims about Hawking’s theory on belief in heaven having to do with being afraid of the dark. The Church knew that if they could get Hawking to get into an arguement with Kirk Cameron than the Church would have the best chance to pay an uknown hacker to infect the computer of Hawking, allowing them to have him make claims that they would input into his computer from their remote offices on the back of some asteroid or meteor or wherever they lay in wait.

Stephen brought his computer into a relatively unknown computer repair shop where hacker Agent Phew Knish was working doing minor programming using kiddie script tools. The Hawking computer was just too much for Agent Knish to avoid installing one of the backoffice trojan programs. By the time Hawking picked up his computer he was unaware that along with free disk defragmentation software, there was a program that would soon report back activities and later would be used to remotely install a botnet.

Of course because of the genius level of Hawking it was only by dumb luck that Agent Knish didn’t get caught. The extra icon on never-before seen computer screen even went without notice.

Stephen Hawking computer hacked

The question at this point is who can help Hawking remove the trojan / malware / bots off of his computer?

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

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