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Reality TV show game

Reality TV is a gameReality TV is educating the general public, teaching that lies and dishonesty are acceptable ways to conduct games, contests, and even ways of life. In case you missed the latest season of Survivor, this is a good point for you to start catching up on what life is becoming. Survivor should be renamed to ServLiar.

Reality has been a source for entertainment on television, though it isn’t the news that people are getting drawn into watching and it isn’t the educational part of the media that is getting across in households across the United States. Instead you can witness people living temporarily within a house they could never afford, living on an island that is desolate enough for people to remain lost forever, or just trying to outlast another person for an hour while eating things considered disgusting in USA but just everyday meals in other countries (welcome back Fear Factor).

Reality slap down begins… NOW!


Networks: CBS
Host: Jeff Probst
Age: 23 seasons and counting
Prize: $1,000,000
Challenge: Survive in a marooned-type island with strangers where food, water, fire, and shelter are not previously setup for contestants.
Winning: Avoid being expelled from the game.
Tricks: Lie. Lie. Lie. In the latest season the 2nd place challenger lost by one single vote, even though he admitted to consistent lying and going back on his word several times. In the end, the explanation was "it’s only a game."


The Amazing Race

Networks: CBS
Host: Phil Keoghan
Age: 19 seasons and counting
Prize: $1,000,000
Challenge: Race around to parts of the world while solving puzzles or figuring out games or deciphering clues.
Winning: Avoid being the last team to arrive on any of the legs of the race.
Tricks: Though there is less help in boldly lying to others, through deception and dishonesty some teams were with getting other teams disqualified.

Big Brother

Networks: CBS
Host: Julie Chen
Age: 13 seasons and counting
Prize: $500,000
Challenge: Avoid weekly eviction by playing a social game along with physical games to earn prizes or maintain safety.
Winning: Be the last house guest to get kicked out of the game and then a panel of evicted house guests will decide on first and second place prizes.
Tricks: Since the manipulation of people is all that is required to make it from one week until the next, simple lying and placating seems like the magic.

American Idol

Networks: FOX
Host: Ryan Seacrest
Age: 10 seasons and counting
Prize: record deal with a major label, which may be for up to six albums
Challenge: Have America vote for you more than the other contestants.
Winning: Be the last musical choice to be removed from the competition via vote.
Tricks: It’s a popularity contest that looks to be slowly losing it’s popularity. Though with the occupation of a chair by Steven Tyler (woman abuser) there might be some hope left for Fox’s previously highest rated show. Make the audience not dislike you and you could win.

America’s Got Talent

Networks: NBC
Host: Nick Cannon
Age: 6 seasons and counting
Prize: $1,000,000 (payable over 40 years)
Challenge: Be more talented than competitors while entertaining home audience.
Winning: Be the last talent competition to be removed from the show via lack-of-votes.
Tricks: It’s another contest with popularity, arrogance, and some entertainment thrown in also. Though it will take skills or talents to win, it doesn’t take much to compete (last year a guy jumped into shallow swimming pools held atop air-filled cushions used for stunt men to fall into off of buildings).



Now that this list is created, it must stop. These are not reality TV shows, these are all contests based on having non-celebrity-public as contenders for money or prizes. The last reality show that seemed actually like a reality show was Jersey Shore, and they won’t make it into this article.

It all ends with liars and dishonesty.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Entertainment, Review


5 Responses to “Reality TV show game”

  1. I’ve been wanting to set fire to all these so-called ” reality ” TV crap for a LONG time!!! This is a soap box I’ve been getting on with everyone who would listen. I totally agree with you and your article 100% !! It’s a good thing I wasn’t asked to write it cuz I couldn’t have made it as short as you did! Lol. I’m sick and tired of every kind of has-been, famous for nothing ( or because someone in there family is suppose to be famous), and these rich and lazy, snotty good for nothing.. ASS CLOWNS! getting there own “reality ” TV show to!! Other then ignorant people.. who cares what Snooky’s doing… or what a bunch of losers from the Jersey Shore did last week!!! REALLY!!!??? your life is that boring.. that you’ve got to watch the fake drama of a bunch of spoiled rich, bratty, snobby F*** HEADS do from day to day!!?? Here’s a suggestion… get your FAT, LAZY ASSES up off your couch.. put one foot in front of there other.. and live your own life!! And most of “you” kind of people who are into those kinda shows, are also some of the SAME F*****S that “feel sorry” for the actors and actresses and say ” why can’t the paparazzie get a life and just leave them alone!! ” ..” can’t they just have lunch by themselves, just like everyone else!! Like a normal person!!?? “… NOOO!! because people like YOU buy into there “REALITY ” CRAP and buy the stupid Enquirer and keep them from having a “normal ” life!! But most of them are just as guilty as there fans.. by doing dumb **** to bring EVEN more attention to themselves!! ( Hilton) ring a bell!!?? Any who.. nice article Michael.. I woulda added some of the other shows to. To me.. those are just as bad.. if not worse then the ” Game Show” ones. Love the site!! Keep up the good job!

    splatterfiend on 07 Jan 2012 at 9:39 pm
  2. By the way.. sorry for adding the Jersey Shore. Lol. But people wonder why other people from other countries hate us so much?? Hmmm.. I wonder!!?? NOT! all they see is the kinda crap “We” call “REALITY” ..not to mentioned all the crap we throw away! … compounded by how we are the only country that produces overly LARGE quantities of fast food! In fact.. a 1/3 of our economy is food related! Not to mention if you’ve ever played on anything like Xbox Live, or anything internet related! Hell.. you don’t even have to look any further then a post or blogs to see that it makes you wonder how in the hell we managed to get past the Civil War, or was the first to invoke Women’s Rights, or even The Bill of Rights for that matter. Not for the way we talk down and make fun of foreigners and racial remarks and what not! But once again.. I digress. Lol

    splatterfiend on 07 Jan 2012 at 9:54 pm
  3. OK. I’m starting to wonder where everyone is? It would figure that the first time I get interested in something It’d whined up being canceled or something. Lol. Just like all the other shows on TV I’ve gotten into!! DID THE JEWS IN THE NETWORK HERE throw a monkey wrench into the production or what?? 2 weeks and still ain’t seen or heard a peek on here!! Well.. cept for the “Gay Guy” .. “Mr.Blaze” on the ” Destination Truth Article ” yes I know I didn’t spell it right.. ON purpose!! 🙂 ).. .. *can i use that word “Gay” ? Hmm guess we’ll see * …. other then him tho on that article i aint heard a peep on here .. no new posts or chats or articles , nothing !! Soooo , To Whom It May Concern,… there’s a interesting article on this site, somewhere, titled ” Why Destination Truth is the Worst Show on TV ” … it and one titled “Top 10 Reasons NOT to get a tattoo ” ..tho I’d went with ” Top 10 Reasons NOT TO RUSH OUT and get a Tattoo ” .. cuz CLEARLY that’s what the Author ment.. but you know the “Window Lickers ” and the ” Jerry’s Kids ” that usually ATTEMPT to read something NEVER read nor hear things in context… tho I’m still waiting for my chance at a Pulitizer ! 🙂 .. btw ..hope no one tries the “contact” button on these pages . Lol Nice touch guys ! 😉

    splatterfiend on 18 Jan 2012 at 9:46 pm
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    Kirsten Sivers on 14 Mar 2012 at 12:45 am
  5. Its really a nice Google myrtesy but i am sorry to say that this news is quite old!! Anyway liked your writting capacity Happy New Year 210. (in advance)

    Katerina on 22 Mar 2012 at 8:35 am

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