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Googltrocity – the search that Google won’t let you make

Googltrocity - the search that Google won't let you makeWithout quite knowing why, I started Googling some odd queries and eventually found something that led me to being accused of being a spammer. Of course, while I’m not a spammer, I have eaten Spam and think that it’s a staple of Hawaiian culture.  As for the query… Continue Reading »

Googltrocity – Enter Key

Googtrocity Enter KeySometimes it just seems like Google is either trying to be too helpful, or is being a little annoying. For instance, with the way people initiate the search on Google’s website. You have the option to either click on the Google “Search” button or to hit the “return” (or enter) key on the keyboard. Continue Reading »

Googltrocity – Sponsored

Googltrocity SponsoredSponsoring one’s self is definitely nothing new.  People talk about themselves all the time and mostly everyone thinks they are great (no matter how deranged).  I wonder how Google handles the transactions where they are paying themselves and selling to themselves.. is the EPS (stock talk) altered by these numbers? Continue Reading »

Googltrocity – Apostrophe

GoogltrocitySure the apostrophe is not given the attention of the period or the comma.  But is the apostrophe really deserving of being picked on based on it’s race or ethnicity?  I think not!  And Google shouldn’t take part is this practice… Continue Reading »


GoogltrocityGoogle + atrocity = Googltrocity
How does a retard like me get listed on Google, to the top return of their search engine?  Do you want to know?  Sure you do.. but this isn’t Google-hacking or Google-whacking or Google-spanking or Monkey-spanking.  The trick is … Continue Reading »

Facebook voted #1 by Megan’s Law violators

I’m not saying that I use FaceBook everyday (sometimes the public library is closed so I can’t get on a computer). When I can get on the computer I take every opportunity to find myself more imaginary friends. This time, I was able to find a new friend that not only was on Facebook but was on one of their applications, Have Sex. I don’t know what to say, but maybe… COUNT ME IN! Continue Reading »

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