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Short and round isn't just how you want your oompa loompa, it's also how my friends would best describe me. I'm not too proud to beg and would probably take a bullet for my best friends and fire a bullet at anyone else. Favorite movies: Office Space; The Princess Bride; Grosse Pointe Blank

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Social Security Agency website hours of business

Social Security Agency website hours of businessIt is my fault. It is your fault. The SSA, a.k.a. Social Security Agency, asked me to check my information online. Now while I don’t usually bother checking things like this, I guess boredom made me do it. Of course, I wasn’t expecting a website to only function during regular business hours. Read More »

Billionaires and their sources

billionaires and their sourcesBillions. It doesn’t sound like a special word, it’s uttered daily by people and when talking about the world’s economy billions sounds incredibly small next to the trillions. Have a quick look at some billionaires and what made them that way.
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Model school encouraging education

Model school encouraging educationRetardZone has learned of the future of schooling and it’s looking beautiful gorgeous amazing pretty. Like model pretty. Not a model like previous school programs, this new school will have former runway models as teachers. The school is bringing in the brightest and best educators which were handpicked from gentleman’s clubs in the surrounding neighborhoods or burrows. What could stop such a brilliant plan? Read More »

Reality TV show game

Reality TV is a gameReality TV is educating the general public, teaching that lies and dishonesty are acceptable ways to conduct games, contests, and even ways of life. In case you missed the latest season of Survivor, this is a good point for you to start catching up on what life is becoming. Survivor should be renamed to ServLiar.
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Stephen Hawking targeted by hacker

Stephen Hawking targeted by hackerStephen Hawking is unable to walk, speak, or remove the malware that has infected his computer. It was only a matter of time until the genius of Hawking met its match and that match was won by a group who installed a backdoor computer trojan onto the computer of the world’s smartest man. Read More »

The dance battle has begun

The dance battle has begunThere are several different styles of dancing but it’s quite obvious that there can only be one best version. Take a minute and read on to learn the best type of dancing, what’s in and what’s out and what’s just retarded. Read More »

The most beautiful plain text email ever

The most beautiful plain text email everSpam. I’m tired of spam. I like phishing attempts because I find it a challene to outsmart the person attempting to outsmart me. Of course, sometimes love is just one spam message away… Read More »

Reasons to drink alcohol

Reasons to drink alcoholSince exercise is a new fad and people are concerned about their health in greater ways than they ever have been in known history, it makes sense to talk about the alcohol. So grab a can of beer or a glass of wine and start learning why you should be consuming more alcohol.

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A retards guide to video sites

Video sites Every other teenager with a Macintosh computer has turned into a video production idiot. So what happens to the millions of videos that are created by the millions of retards? With so many people making videos and nearly every person being some sort of attention whore it’s impossible for just one over-hyped website to be popular. Enjoy a quick walkthrough of the more popular and well known video sites along with some statistics that aren’t commonly known.

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English language costs me money

English language costs me moneyThe English language is strange. English is actually a West Germanic language that originated in England. That’s not as strange as parts of the language though. Just a few months ago I overheard a conversation where someone was being goofed on without knowing it… Read More »

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