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Full Name Michael Sharpe
Website http://retardzone.com
Short and round isn't just how you want your oompa loompa, it's also how my friends would best describe me. I'm not too proud to beg and would probably take a bullet for my best friends and fire a bullet at anyone else. Favorite movies: Office Space; The Princess Bride; Grosse Pointe Blank

Posts by Michael:

Not all Tigers use drugs and cheat

Let me start this by saying the word allegedly is used way too often and with wreckless abandon, and I won’t be doing any such wasting of the word here. It was a long golf fight (like a slap fight only with stupider clothes). In the end, Tiger Woods was the winner, but controversy will exist for a while and soon there will be some testing for illegal substances. Read More »

Would you rather send out Guido and Vinny?

Would you rather send out Guido and Vinny?I’ll admit it.. Not only am I a Retard (and proud to be) but I’m dealing with increasing credit card debt. Between supporting single moms (ya, you know what I mean) and paying for things I have no reason to buy, like the World’s funniest candy jar, I’ve spent a little more money than I’ve earned. I don’t think it’s a big deal though, I’ll just apply for another credit card to pay the other ones off. Read More »

Dell support very very no good thank you very much

Dell support headachesKarma is the concept of “action” or “deed” in Indian religions understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect described in some philosophies. You have all heard of someone that has done something good and mentioned karma coming back on them and rewarding them. After you read this, you will have a story about someone that karma hates –> me! Read More »

Should you drop MySpace for thoughts?

thoughts.com wants you to share your thoughts. Seems pretty inviting. The idea of the site starts out like blogger.com or typepad.com or wordpress.org, but separates itself from other blogging sites with one sentence which almost seems obscured in the signup process, “When you sign up for a free blog and start posting, you will have an instant audience”. I’m now paying attention. Read More »

One domain name that should be illegal

I realize that nearly everyone in this world wants to make money. I also know that most people are willing to cheat and lie and scam for money, which is their right… usually. But when something comes across my email in order to phish or attempt to scam, things get annoying. So, now I’m annoyed. Read More »

Facebook voted #1 by Megan’s Law violators

I’m not saying that I use FaceBook everyday (sometimes the public library is closed so I can’t get on a computer). When I can get on the computer I take every opportunity to find myself more imaginary friends. This time, I was able to find a new friend that not only was on Facebook but was on one of their applications, Have Sex. I don’t know what to say, but maybe… COUNT ME IN! Read More »

Corvette designer rolling, over in his grave

There is little questioning the recognizability of the American born and bred, Chevrolet Corvette. Whether you are a car aficionado or just a school age boy able to recognize the difference between a girl and a boy, the Corvette has a history to be proud about, until N2A gets a hold of it. Read More »

1,2,3,4 – I declare a retard war…

Timonthy Skyes web investing shysterTimothy Sykes is a ‘hedge fund manager’ turned investing guru. When he recently joined the virtual office at dinosaurtrader I checked out the guys site to see who he was, and my B.S. Detector went off the scale. This guy is a piece of work, come read along and learn more about the Bar Mitzvah Fairy Tale that is Timothy Sykes. Read More »

Ask the admin why he likes being punked

Wow, it’s been such a long time since we’ve heard from Karl, a.k.a. Ask The Admin. Apparently it was a slow day today and he decided that he should bring an old story back to life. Read More »

Hillary Clinton romantically linked to celebrity

There are often coincidences that only hindsight can help to clarify and through some pretty clean and clear observations, you will see that Hillary Clinton is positioning herself strategically throughout her compaign tour in order to get together with a Howard Stern Show employee, Artie Lange. Read More »

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