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Full Name Jerome Aronson
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6'2 245 Smart-a** Texan with a copy of photoshop out to annoy the world. Not too fond of Hippies. Favorite movie: Office Space

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10 worst status messages guaranteed to cost you friends

10 worst status messages Status messages are a little window into your world, telling people hey you aren’t that bad be my friend. Fortunately for you we’ve compiled a list of status messages that will cull the politically correct, overly sensitive and humorless from your friends list….

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Why Star Trek would lose in Star Wars vs Star Trek fight

Star Trek vs Star WarsSure the economy is about to go into depression, the planet might probably be dying and wars are ravaging the world we live in, but is that really what we should be focusing on? With Superman still having a huge advantage over Batman despite going metro in the last movie, one question still needs answering. Who would win in a fight Star Wars or Star Trek?
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Poor black & white people united by bad furniture

Red House Furniture UnitesPoor people of all colors and creeds can’t afford to buy furniture, appliances or electronics with their bad credit. That’s where the Red House Furniture Store of High Point North Carolina comes in…
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10 biggest tattoo mistakes

Bad Tattos Tattoos are like people, there are countless different types and some of them are so annoying you wish you could just burn them off the face of the planet. At RetardZone our researchers came up with the ten most annoying categories of tattoos using Google and countless hours they should have been working during…

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Retard Road Trip: Drive 2,000 miles for a hamburger

Heart Attack GrillSome people make pilgrimages to holy sites, or historical places or crap like that. Others travel across the country to see Graceland or drive 978 miles for a greasy burger served by chicks dressed like naughty nurses. Last weekend I left a celebrity sized carbon footprint and took an old fashioned road trip to Phoenix Arizona for a totally decent burger.
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Eco-friendly vibrator helps save environment one crank at a time

Eco-friendly friendly VibratorBatteries create a whole host of problems for our struggling planet from zinc which is extremely polluting to mine, to their manufacture and disposal issues. So that’s why the green company earth angel ‘comes’ in to make the planet a little better for everyone with the world’s first environmentally friendly vibrator…
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Interactive Springfield Map

Springfield MapUntil someone locates the city of Springfield from the Simpsons on Google Maps we will have to go to this online map. The detailed map has a sort of street view feature showing still frames from the show for all the major locations in Springfield.
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Air Force One attacks New York City

Air Force OneIn a “photo-op” that caused panic and office evacuations Air Force One buzzed low over the New York skyline causing panic throughout the city. The world’s most expensive corporate jet flew over ground zero at only a thousand feet of the ground trailed by fighter jets.
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Muppet’s Eleven

Muppets EvelvenI assumed that Oceans Eleven was a chick film and ignored like anything that would show up on the Lifetime Channel. An all Muppets version of the recycled heist film would get me into the theater though…
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Top 10 Swine Flu conspiracy theories

Swine Flu Conspiracy Theories The entire world is gripped by the outbreak of the human form of swine flu, which the number of suspected swine flu cases in Mexico has climbed to 1,614, including 103 deaths. Our team of scientists, doctors, researchers and janitorial staff have come up with the 10 most likely sources for the virus AKA conspiracy theories.

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