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The life and death of Disneyland clone Nara Dreamland

Most popular suicide destinations Nara Dreamland was an almost complete copy of Disneyland in California and was open from 1961 to 2006. Located near Nara Japan the park had a main street, matterhorn, monorail, autopia, skyway and more. The park closed due to poor attendance but is currently abandoned with nature slowly taking over the rides.
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Destination Truth: The most retarded show on TV

Most popular suicide destinations At work I like to watch a TV show or movie during lunch and the Sci-Fi Channel’s Destination Truth is totally retard-worthy entertainment. It may not have emmy written all over here are ten cool things about the show / reasons to watch it…

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Abandoned Soviet train station in Abkhazia

Abandoned Abkhazian Railroad StationOne of the more ornate abandoned places in the world this railway station in Abkhazia is a stunning relic from the collapse of the Soviet empire. Soviet era train stations were often overdone marble monuments to the working man and this was no exception.
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Cold war bunker in Berlin to be sealed forever

Honecker BunkerLocated 25 miles north of Berlin a secret underground complex built during the cold war has been put on temporary display. The 170 room bunker complex built for East German leader Erich Honecker and 400 of his staff will soon be sealed forever.
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American Wilderness Experience: The world’s first and last zoo in a mall

Failed Zoo in mallThe American Wilderness Experience was located in Ontario California and featured 70 species of live animals, together with a simulator ride and video and interactive nature displays. Billed as “edutainment,” the fun and games lead into a store peddling environmental knickknacks and a restaurant called the Wilderness Grill.

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Burning cavern in Davarez Russia

Davarez mine fireIf someone imagined a gat to hell this is probably what it would look like, in fact the locals call it the “The Door to Hell”. Located in Uzbekistan near the small town of Davarez is this cavern that has been burning for 35 miles. Geologists drilling for gas found the giant cavern they found poison gas and being Russians they decided to ignite the gas to get rid of it. Continue Reading »

The Life and Death of America’s Last Cruise Ship the SS Independence

SS IndependenceAfter the drop in tourism following the 9/11 attacks the last cruise ship built in the United States was permanently retired. Until February of this year the ship sat in San Francisco bay and there were initially plans by Norwegian Cruise Lines to rehab the proud ship and sale her again. Sadly the American venture by NCL failed and the ship appears to be headed off for a scrap yard in India or Bangladesh.
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Chippewa Falls amusement park ruins

Chippewa Lake ParkChippewa Lake Park was abandoned in 1978 with most of it’s attractions standing. The 385 acre lake outside of Cleveland is the largest natural inland body of water in the state. The park was open for nearly a hundred years and nature has reclaimed it’s coasters, ballroom and structures. Continue Reading »

Hawaii’s famous Coco Palms Resort abandoned

coco palms resortTake a look back at what was once the most famous hotel in Hawaii. The the Coco Palms Resort located on the island of Kauai was severely damaged by hurricane Iniki in 1992 and has never re-opened. The hotel is now empty and plans to re-open the property have died with the slump in the condo market. Continue Reading »

The remains of an American Diner icon: Johnnies Drive In

Johnnies Drive InJohnnie’s broiler is an abandoned coffee shop / drive in located in Downey, CA. The Los Angeles Conservancy’s Modern Committee, the California Historic Resources Commission voted unanimously to include Johnie’s Broiler in the Register of Historic Places. Sadly, the current owners demolished the the landmark without a permit using illegal alien laborers from a nearby Home Depot. Continue Reading »

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