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Inside an abandoned California hospital

#Between 1993 and 2003 60 hospitals in California closed their doors. The Community Hospital in Granada Hills opened in 1965 was just one of those and shuttered it’s doors in August of 2003. I always wondered what it would look like to see inside the doors of one of those closed hospitals… Continue Reading »

The life and death of the Texas Clipper

Texas ClipperFrom 1965 to 1994 the Texas Clipper served as a floating classroom for students from Texas Maritime Academy. The Academy is part of the Texas A&M University system which produces more officers than any college the military academies. Each summer the Texas Clipper would take 250 students, and faculty on cruises from Novia Scotia to Uruguay, and from Mexico to Poland. Continue Reading »

Abandoned city in Russia

Abandoned CityAt first I thought these pictures were of Chernobyl but there is no radiation here. Kadychan is a Northern Russian town, nestled in cold tundra. It was once a tin mining town of twelve thousand people. Continue Reading »

Underground kayaking

Underground KayakingThe underground Russian tunnel system covers thousands of miles under the city and young Russians have taken to exploring the system. If you can stomach the smell of the sewage there are abandoned caves and thousands of miles of tunnels to explore in this eerie underworld. Continue Reading »

Abandoned building invaded by giant monster art

Abandoned Russian HorrorTake one abandoned building somewhere in Russia and enough giant fake monsters to make a bad horror movie and a sequel. Not sure what was going on here, maybe some frustrated artist colony or the leftovers of some yet to be straight to video monster flick but it does make for some cool pictures.
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Nuclear missile base on sale now for $1.5 Million

Missile BaseLooking for that below ground home that can survive a nuclear attack or a full fledged zombie infestation? Well if you have 300K down you can purchase The Former Larsen Air Force Base Complex 1A Titan ICBM Facility 90 minutes from Spokane Washington. Closed in 1965 the sprawling 65 acre facility has 16 underground buildings, 3 160 foot tall missile silos and more for just 1.5 million. Continue Reading »

Abandoned Russian aircraft

Abandoned Russian AirLarge numbers of Soviet military aircraft are abandoned throughout the former Soviet empire. Included among the rotting hulks are Mig 25s, helicopters and bombers.
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“20 Thousand Leagues Under The Sea” Submarine ride at Disney World

Old Disneyland submarine rideThe Jules Verne themed 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was opened in 1971. The attraction was closed in 1994 for a “rehabilitation” period, but never reopened. Management felt that continual maintenance of the attraction was simply too costly. In 2004, ten years after closing, the water was drained and the lagoon area paved over.
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Hobbit like cave house sold for $200K

Hobbit HouseUnoccupied since the 40’s this 5 acre estate has a large cave house with three adjoining caves. Named “Rock Cottage” the complex recently sold at auction for 100 thousand pounds (about 200K US dollars) in Wolverley, England.
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Man digs up World War 2 Bunker in backyard

Bunker abandoned in back yardAndy Lewis of Old Sarum, England dug up a manhole just like on the TV show lost. The 3 bedroom house built on an old airfield was hiding a 30 by 50 foot bunker abandoned since the second world war.
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