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Stephen Hawking targeted by hacker

Stephen Hawking targeted by hackerStephen Hawking is unable to walk, speak, or remove the malware that has infected his computer. It was only a matter of time until the genius of Hawking met its match and that match was won by a group who installed a backdoor computer trojan onto the computer of the world’s smartest man. Continue Reading »

KISS rock band Lego set

Kiss LegosThis is the Rock Legends KISS in Legos made by Jonathan Gilbert, including Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss. They are in their tour outfits from 1975, the Dressed To Kill Tour.
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Celebrities giving the gift of death

Celebrity gifts that killed Getting an expensive car, race boat or airplane from a celebrity may seem like a perfect gift but it could wind up costing you your life. Here are the top 10 celebrity gifts, the givers, and the rest of their sad story.

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Literal music video from Red Hot Chili Peppers

Literal Music VideoHere is a literal version of their famous Red Hot Chili Peppers under the bridge song that actually matches the video. Maybe if more drugged out hippies musicians would lay off the drugs for a few days their videos might make a little more sense like this one.
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Eating from the dead: top 10 deceased food icons

Eating the dead It’s not really cannibalism but there’s a very good chance you’re eating the dead (well not literally but it’s the job of the new press to jump to conclusions.) Some of the biggest names in food aren’t as fresh as their frozen food. Here’s the ten biggest names in food branding who aren’t letting death slow them down…

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Glenn Beck predicts apocalypse

Glenn Beck predicts apocolypseIt’s always nice when TV personalities predict things like world series winners or win to sell your house. It’s even cooler when they go nuts like Olbermann does almost every night. This one is a cartoon and really didn’t happen but it’s still pretty cool.
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Famous dead skiers

Famous Dead SkiersNatasha Richardson became the latest high profile celebrity to die while famous and skiing. While it may be safer than drving, bicycling, or swimming there is sometimes blood on the ice (especially if you’re trying to combine any other sports like Micheal Kennedy).

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Why Rihanna really won’t leave Chris Brown

Hollywood Curses We’ve all wondered why this month’s celebrity diva / public train wreck Rihanna didn’t leave her teenage abuser Chris (the girl beater) Brown. The answer could be as simple as many women stay with their abusers out of love or insecurity or something far more sinister and we’re willing to buy into pretty much any conspiracy theater floating on the web, and a few we just made up.

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Top 10 signs Michael Phelps was a stoner

Hollywood Curses The signs were all there, looking back it was obvious that Michael Phelps was not just the world’s greatest swimmer of all time but he was the greatest stoner athlete of all time. Here are the top ten signs we should have known before those pics came out of him over the weekend.

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Tiger Wood’s new job

Tiger Woods New JobTiger Woods has recently found himself semi-unemployed, and with inflation looming he’ll need to find himself another job soon if he wants to maintain the lifestyle he’s accustomed to. Here are six recession proof industries that can afford to employ Tiger through these difficult times.
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