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Abandoned Mike Tyson mansion in Ohio

Tyson MansionMike Tyson’s abandoned Ohio mansion is not only one of the finest examples or early-American pimp but it’s hard to find someone with that taste with enough money to buy a multi-million dollar mansion.
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Saved By The Bell where are they now

Saved By The BellEvery retard wonders what happened to the cast of past TV shows. While there are several websites that are run by fans stuck in whatever decade a TV show became popular within, there’s hardly a flipside to the sites that tell the truth about where are they now, so let’s run through a run down on the classmates of Saved By The BellContinue Reading »

World’s most famous dead on display

Famous DeadRecently a Puerto Rican man paid a funeral home to embalm him and leave him standing in his living room for three days. Surely 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina has become a celebrity in death but he can’t be the most famous stiff on display – so let’s run down the list of the world’s most famous dead on display…
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Bigfoot found but many unanswered questions remain

Unanswered Bigfoot QuestionsNow that Bigfoot’s existence has been proved beyond a shadow of doubt by the good folks at Searching for Bigfoot LLC we can get down to asking the really important outstanding journalistic questions about bigfoot…
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Ava Cowan RetardZone’s first groupie

Ava Cowan World's Biggest Retard FanSome people are fans of sports teams, actors, or little troll dolls and still others are fans of stupid things – like our site. RetardZone has it’s first groupie, and she’s a hottie. Take a minute and drool…
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Not all Tigers use drugs and cheat

Let me start this by saying the word allegedly is used way too often and with wreckless abandon, and I won’t be doing any such wasting of the word here. It was a long golf fight (like a slap fight only with stupider clothes). In the end, Tiger Woods was the winner, but controversy will exist for a while and soon there will be some testing for illegal substances. Continue Reading »

New horse ambulance in response to Kentucky Derby tragedy

horse ambulanceThe National Thoroughbred Racing Association was sent scrambling for a solution following the Eight Belles’ fatal breakdown in the Kentucky Derby. Race officials have decided on a similar approach used by the NFL where carts take injured players off the field for treatment. In this case the thoroughbreds horses usually weigh upwards of 1,200 pounds and a much more substantial vehicle was required.
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World’s smartest hooker

Worlds smartest hookerWhen you’re let’s say a governor surfing the web and looking for a professional woman there are many things to consider in finding the right vendor. You can go on looks, personality, physical features, but what about brains? Admitted to Oxford University at the age of 13 Sufiah Yusof is now available for about $260 bucks. Continue Reading »

Richard Widmark died after being shot by illegal alien (according to Wikipedia)

Widmark DiedActor Richard Widmark died after being shot in the spine by an illegal alien the age of 93. That was what I read on Wikipedia earlier today, the true cause according to his wife was the he died of a long term illness. So unless you buy into a wild conspiracy theory that the wife and gardener were having an affair and she’s covering up for him you can chalk this up to another crazy web rumor, like 9/11 being a conspiracy. Continue Reading »

Pro golfer in trouble for hunting hawks, 3 shots over par

Golf HunterPro golfer Tripp Isenhour made what amateur golfers could only dream of, killing a hawk at 75 yards with a golf ball. He took several shots from about 300 yards at the noisy bird that was interrupting the TV show he was filming then moved closer. Like all lazy golfers he drove rather than walking but with his seventh attempt he nailed the hawk in the head with a golf ball from 225 feet away.
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