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Model school encouraging education

Model school encouraging educationRetardZone has learned of the future of schooling and it’s looking beautiful gorgeous amazing pretty. Like model pretty. Not a model like previous school programs, this new school will have former runway models as teachers. The school is bringing in the brightest and best educators which were handpicked from gentleman’s clubs in the surrounding neighborhoods or burrows. What could stop such a brilliant plan? Continue Reading »

Reality TV show game

Reality TV is a gameReality TV is educating the general public, teaching that lies and dishonesty are acceptable ways to conduct games, contests, and even ways of life. In case you missed the latest season of Survivor, this is a good point for you to start catching up on what life is becoming. Survivor should be renamed to ServLiar.
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Which cartoon characters are gay?

Gay Cartoon Characters Which cartoon characters are the most likely to be closeted homosexuals? Lets out the ten most likely gays using our own cartoon gaydar with a plus or minus 30% gay accuracy rating.

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Ten best shows on TV

Ten Best TV Shows Here are the ten best shows currently on television as compiled by RZone staff members.

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Interactive Springfield Map

Springfield MapUntil someone locates the city of Springfield from the Simpsons on Google Maps we will have to go to this online map. The detailed map has a sort of street view feature showing still frames from the show for all the major locations in Springfield.
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Muppet’s Eleven

Muppets EvelvenI assumed that Oceans Eleven was a chick film and ignored like anything that would show up on the Lifetime Channel. An all Muppets version of the recycled heist film would get me into the theater though…
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Why Rihanna really won’t leave Chris Brown

Hollywood Curses We’ve all wondered why this month’s celebrity diva / public train wreck Rihanna didn’t leave her teenage abuser Chris (the girl beater) Brown. The answer could be as simple as many women stay with their abusers out of love or insecurity or something far more sinister and we’re willing to buy into pretty much any conspiracy theater floating on the web, and a few we just made up.

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10 biggest curses in Hollywood

Hollywood Curses Here are the ten biggest Hollywood curses of all time according to our crack team of researchers and the first page of Google search results on the subject.

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Top 10 showkillers on TV

Top 10 Showkillers A show-killer is an actor who’s mere presence can spell cancellation for a TV series. Here is our list of Hollywood’s ten most lethal TV stars.

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Pierre Cardin unleashes world’s most retarded fashion show

world's most retarded fashion showYou could chalk it up to senile dementia or maybe just being French but 86-year-old Pierre Cardin has launched what experts agree is the most retarded fashion show in the history of the world. These images are real pieces were not part of a hidden camera show but were part of his spring/summer 2009 ready-to-wear collection show in Theoule-Sur-Mer, southern France. Continue Reading »

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