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The Last Winter shows how drilling in ANWR could end the world

Last Winter Disease The Last Winter is a cautionary tale about the dangers of drilling in ANWAR. No not global warming, or oil spills but a dangerous and mysterious disease called TLW Disease. It can cause airplanes to crash, ghost dinosaur attacks, homicide, suicide and will basically bring about the end of the world.
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What ever happened to The Munsters – with grades

A look back on The MunstersIf you were alive in the 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s there’s litte chance that you haven’t heard of The Munsters and most likely you’ve even seen an episode or 72 of them. I know that my favorite babysitter when I was growing up was the TV and thankfully now that I have the ability to have my children raised by TV, the circle of life will continue. Let’s check out Herman and the gang…
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Saved By The Bell where are they now

Saved By The BellEvery retard wonders what happened to the cast of past TV shows. While there are several websites that are run by fans stuck in whatever decade a TV show became popular within, there’s hardly a flipside to the sites that tell the truth about where are they now, so let’s run through a run down on the classmates of Saved By The BellContinue Reading »

Awesome new Lego Death Star

Lego Death StarIn a couple of weeks you can get one of the coolest lego sets of all time – The 10188 Death Star. The round kit has three separate levels with 24 minifigures and sections representing the major parts of the Death Star from the original Star Wars movies (pre Jar-Jar).
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Argentina sweeps Olympics in retarded humor with slit-eyed pics

Argentina Wins!Argentina is well known for losing to larger countries in battle, first the Falkland Islands and now apparently the South American country is looking to be defeated by the Chinese. WIthout a Chinese version of the Falkland Islands nearby (save Vancouver) Argentina is making an Olympic effort to upset the Chinese into defeating them.
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Real life alien monster double bite

Goblin sharkThe move Aliens introduced most of us to a monster that had a second smaller set of jaws open up from it’s mouth which seemed totally retarded but cool. The goblin shark pretty much has the same thing which is totally worthy of some retard attention…
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Hot reporter goes down for a story

Zorb victimHot reporters are willing to do more than just go down for a story some are nearly got killed by a giant ball. Not just a run of the mill ball either, it was a single ball (like John Kruk’s) or more specifically a giant transparent sphere intended to be fun.
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70s retreads on your plasma TV

Return of the 70sLike the 70s we’re facing a slowing economy, inflation and out of control gas prices. And sadly, we are getting the same TV shows to match. Battlestar Galactica proved the only exception to tthe rule where it’s retread aired for 3 more seasons than it’s original series.
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Universal Studios Hollywood to use fire in their new marketing

Universal Studios FireThe recent fire at Universal Studios has provided a unique marketing challenge, how do you market a theme park that has recently suffered catastrophic fire damage? Well those clever Hollywood marketing types have risen the challenge and pulled a new marketing campaign from the ashes jokingly referred to by some as a fire sale.
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LOST island maps

LOST MapsThe ABC TV show LOST features airplane crash survivors who find themselves on a mysterious island. Several people have made attempts to chart the island of LOST and here are the best attempts out there.
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