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Imagine a world without Yoko Ono

Yoko OnoJust imagine if the world’s most famous band hadn’t been destroyed by Yoko Ono. You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one and I can only imagine a world without that ugly chick. Just how different would the world be without her, well here are ten things that would definitely have made the world a little better place… Continue Reading »

Cloverfield monster revealed

#For just $99 you can see the Cloverfield monster in your own home, without getting nauseous from a few hours of shaky hand cam either. What would make kids happier than a 14 inch tall monster that comes complete with sound (years of psycho therapy and batteries not included).
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Truly terrifying video

Worse than Michael JacksonWhat could be worse than a child star turned turned child molester dancing and singing, well this disturbing video makes Saw seem like an episode of Barney. Do not click on this link and save more than 3 minutes of your life you can never have back. I am not sure what is more disturbing about this video, the singing or the visual display of retardation… Continue Reading »

Indisputable evidence that Law & Order is racist

Law & OrderI was curious how the TV show Law & Order compared to real life New York criminals. No one on the web seemed to have statistics on who the bad guys were on this ‘real life’ crime drama ‘ripped from the headlines’. I wondered what percentage of the bad guys were caucasian and the results were shocking.
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Speed Racer movie looks craptastic

Speed RacerMovies being converted from cartoon to big screen films are pretty hit and miss. Speed Racer comes out May of 2008 but you can see the trailer here, and save ten bucks. I always liked speed racer and always call anyone hurrying by that name but based on what I see in the trailer I have serious reservations about seeing this one.
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Retards race to make 100K in stock

retard stock raceTake two amateur stock investors, several days of not working to create a new site, ten thousand dollars and you have yourself the great retardtrader.com stock race. Michael and Lindsey are racing each other to each make one hundred thousand dollars and recording every step along the way.
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Monster menagerie from The Mist

90210I thought one of the coolest trailers of the year was for the Stephen King movie ‘The Mist’ so I went to go see it with two of my best friends. I was unprepared for the menagerie of monsters that I was about to be confronted with. Most movies have just one monster, a shark, an alien with two sets of teeth or some wildly mutated animal – but not Mist. If you are even thinking about seeing this movie or have seen it and want to see the animal kingdom from the movie read more.
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TV show 24 failed pilot from 1994

Failed 24 PilotFew in Hollywood know the TV show 24 was originally set for it’s debut in 1994 but without Kiefer Sutherland and cooler technology not available until years later the show never made it beyond a poorly done pilot. In a world with clunky cell phones, slow internet connections and pay phones the fast action was slowed to the point of near comedy. The next time you see Jack Bauer beating a confession out of a terrorist just take a minute to thank all the nerd toys that action get compressed into 24 hours. Continue Reading »

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Dead TerroristA little humor here Jeff Dunham the comedian with a Achmed the dead terrorist skeleton dummy…
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Metallica fan goes on shaving strike waiting for new album

Metallica Fan Shaving StrikeTake one Metallica fan and a band that spends more time worrying about people downloading their music than actually making it. The BEARDweekone has given up shaving until the band releases their next album. The new album is scheduled for release sometime around February of 2008, but should be available for illegal download a week or two before that.
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