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Top ten politically incorrect sources of pollution

Top 10 politically incorrect ways to save the planetSure everyone is willing to go blame Hummers, oil companies, rich people building in pristine places and styrofoam for ruining the planet but what about the less politically correct sources of pollution. Let’s put everything on the table and be willing to go beyond the bumper stickers and make the hard choices necessary to save this planet of ours.
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Burning cavern in Davarez Russia

Davarez mine fireIf someone imagined a gat to hell this is probably what it would look like, in fact the locals call it the “The Door to Hell”. Located in Uzbekistan near the small town of Davarez is this cavern that has been burning for 35 miles. Geologists drilling for gas found the giant cavern they found poison gas and being Russians they decided to ignite the gas to get rid of it. Continue Reading »

The positive effects of global warming

90210Sure we might all be killed by global warming, and I seriously doubt paving over the rain forest with strip malls
is good for the long term health of the planet but lets try and look on the bright (and warmer) side of things. I’m a glass is half full kind of guy so lets all take a moment and try to focus on the postitive effects of global warming…
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One less menorah candle for Hanukkah to save the world

Less CandlesEnvironmentalists are encouraging Jews and people who just like the menorah to light one less candle this Hanukkah. Not to be outdone Hamas is promising to light up one Jew this for each day of Hanukkah this holiday season.
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Island made out of recycled bottles

Spiral IslandRecycling is the way to save the planet and make a few cents for homeless people. Combine the two and you have recycled bottle island. Richie Sowa lived off of Cancun with a few chickens, cats, a dog. This floating homeless person spent his days floating around looking for more bottles and hoped there wasn’t a big storm on trash island. Continue Reading »

Aqua Dots thinning the herd

warningOnce upon a time there was a teenager who had outgrown all toys and thought things purchased in the children’s department or toy stores was beneath them. Then came China with their wonderful manufacturing techniques, low wages, oppressive government, ill-will towards the United States, and patent disregard for workplace safety and environmental policies that would make Dick Chaney feel squeamish.. This is where the story begins but definitely not where it will end. Continue Reading »

United Nations official building 1.6 million dollar toilet

1.6 million dollar toiletThe United Nations has declared 2008 the year of sanitation – and how best for an totally corrupt organization to celebrate something like that than a nearly two million dollar toilet. The primary architect of this campaign is Sim Jae-Duck, a former mayor of Suwon city on the outskirts of Seoul, and chairman of the organizing committee of an upcoming international conference on sanitation, in the Korean capital Nov. 21-25. Continue Reading »

Greenpeace: save the planet by eating kangaroos

kangaroo meatGreenpeace and PETA are about to get in a brawl over kangaroos. When Greenpeace isn’t out trying to prevent fishermen from harpooning whales they are suggesting Australians give up beef for kangaroo meat.
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Amazon selling used condoms online

Used CondomsAmazon is selling used Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms for half off. I am into recycling as much as the next guy and do save my cans, but this has got to be a serious health risk. A company in China was recently caught selling used chopsticks, but this is worse than any Chinese recall I have ever heard of.
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Crocodiles may cost your child’s toes

Beware of CrocodilesAs if your children didn’t have enough to worry about with the world about to end from global warming and unfettered cattle methane, or running into a republican senator in the bathroom. Beware of crocodiles, not just the waterborne variety either, those androgynous foot coverings that have all the style and sophistication of a homeless person’s foot wrapped in duct tape.
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