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10 biggest tattoo mistakes

Bad Tattos Tattoos are like people, there are countless different types and some of them are so annoying you wish you could just burn them off the face of the planet. At RetardZone our researchers came up with the ten most annoying categories of tattoos using Google and countless hours they should have been working during…

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Behind the music: 10 most unlucky presidential pets

Unlucky Presidential Pets First pooch Bo may be getting star treatment being the first presidential pet in the Obama white house but not all presidential pets see happy endings. Here are the ten most unfortunate first pets and what went wrong.

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Life on Mars: TV show with three versions in three years

Life on Mars Life on Mars is a TV show that has been filmed three different times with the exact same characters and plot in three years. Here is a complete comparison of all three series each filmed in a different city.
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World’s 10 most popular suicide destinations

Most popular suicide destinations Where you ask are the ten most inviting places to commit suicide? Well sit back and let us be your suicidal travel agency and find the most desirable jump-off points in the world.
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World’s most famous dead on display

Famous DeadRecently a Puerto Rican man paid a funeral home to embalm him and leave him standing in his living room for three days. Surely 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina has become a celebrity in death but he can’t be the most famous stiff on display – so let’s run down the list of the world’s most famous dead on display…
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Do you deserve a hotty?

DatabilitySure all guys want to date a supermodel but there is something called supply and demand. There are only so many really hot girls to go around, and because of this there is competition. How do you stack up against other guys, and do you deserve to have a 10 or a 3 – take this test and find out. Continue Reading »

Mortgage meltdown map

Mortgage badnessSure things are bad but how bad are they in your neighborhood? The Federal Reserve has come out with this very cool database complete with dynamic flash mapping so you can track the mortgage meltdown. Continue Reading »

World’s smallest handgun only 2 inches long

Worlds smallest gun2 inches long and deadly, and it’s not a japanese man with AIDS – the Swiss Mini Gun is the world’s smallest gun with the Guinness certificate to prove it. The little thing is a bargain starting only at $6,0000 and fires the world’s smallest 2.34mm ammunition. It can fire the six tiny bullets at 300 mph fast enough to kill humans and action figures alike. Continue Reading »

Online condiment gallery

Online Condiment GalleryThe world’s largest online condiment museum has opened it’s doors to the public. Sure I can’t think of any real value to staring at online images of ketchup packets but the same is true for most sites on the internet. At least at a museum you might learn something, and I’m pretty sure this counts as an internet field trip so get a note from your parents. Continue Reading »

30 Greatest functional Lego creations of all time

Functional Lego CreationsRather than working today I decided to find the 30 greatest functional Lego creations of all time. So here in no particular order are Lego phones, furniture, electronic items and even a few weapons. Continue Reading »

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