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Billionaires and their sources

billionaires and their sourcesBillions. It doesn’t sound like a special word, it’s uttered daily by people and when talking about the world’s economy billions sounds incredibly small next to the trillions. Have a quick look at some billionaires and what made them that way.
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Techno Intelligence charging Mac users $200 tax

$200 dollar Mac TaxMy friend’s sister needed a new laptop and was pricing out a Sony she saw at Costco for $1,199 and I went to Amazon to check it out. Not only was it double the price but was showing different prices on different computers out of some horrible attempt at computer racism or charging a stupid tax on Mac owners. (more on Macs because Mac people can afford it or are just used to paying more for computers). Continue Reading »

Tiger Wood’s new job

Tiger Woods New JobTiger Woods has recently found himself semi-unemployed, and with inflation looming he’ll need to find himself another job soon if he wants to maintain the lifestyle he’s accustomed to. Here are six recession proof industries that can afford to employ Tiger through these difficult times.
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Retard’s guide to dealing with collection agencies

Collection Agencies GuideAre you in debt, are you receiving harassing phone calls at work and getting bills saying you owe someone money? If so you need to read the retard’s guide to collection agencies…

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10 tips to avoid getting laid off and win Office Survivor

Avoid Getting Laid Off This new recession is brutal and it’s time to start playing hardball to keep your job. Think about that TV Show Survivor and remember if you get mugged on a date you only have to run faster than your girl. Follow our survival tips and find out how you can keep your job and maybe even your home.

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Recession survival guide for retards

2008 Recession Guide With the recession certain consumer items will be too expensive and others will prove to be relatively recession-proof. Look at our handy guide and find out how you can save thousands of dollars and lower your carbon footprint at the same time!
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Citi credit card fraud spam costs me $7,681.93

Credit card fraudLast week my life was literally ruined when I received an email from what I thought was citi fraud protection. The very official looking email looked like the real thing to me and upon getting I rushed to unlock my account. Fortunately I documented everything and hopefully others can learn from my $7,681.93 mistake.
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Retardzone opens storefront location

Vending Machine Other popular websites have translated their virtual success into real life brick and mortar storefronts, and retardzone is no different. We have now launched a physical storefront self contained snack food cash transaction device also known as a vending machine.
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Mortgage meltdown map

Mortgage badnessSure things are bad but how bad are they in your neighborhood? The Federal Reserve has come out with this very cool database complete with dynamic flash mapping so you can track the mortgage meltdown. Continue Reading »

How to blow $30 billion dollars

Sultan of BruneiThis billionaire had an estimated fortune of $40 billion, which once placed him at the top of Fortune magazine’s list of the world’s richest people. Recent reports, however, suggest that his treasure has dwindled to a only $10 billion due to his lavish spending and bad land deals. How do you blow $30 billion which is roughly equivalent to the entire annual income of all 125 million people living in Bangladesh? Continue Reading »

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