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1,2,3,4 – I declare a retard war…

Timonthy Skyes web investing shysterTimothy Sykes is a ‘hedge fund manager’ turned investing guru. When he recently joined the virtual office at dinosaurtrader I checked out the guys site to see who he was, and my B.S. Detector went off the scale. This guy is a piece of work, come read along and learn more about the Bar Mitzvah Fairy Tale that is Timothy Sykes. Continue Reading »

World’s most expensive one car garage

Rich Guy HouseWith the housing market in a dump you can pick up some real deals like this one for just 70 million bucks. But check this out it’s got like a one car garage, and this guys wife is totally ugly. I may not have as much cash but I do have a much better looking chick and a bigger garage! Continue Reading »

Worlds most valuable religious symbol ever

90210Recently a rock with a cross in it was put up on e-bay and advertised as a the most valuable religious symbol on EBAY ever! Which made me wonder what if some of the most famous icons in the history of religion were to be sold what they would go for…

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Retards race to make 100K in stock

retard stock raceTake two amateur stock investors, several days of not working to create a new site, ten thousand dollars and you have yourself the great retardtrader.com stock race. Michael and Lindsey are racing each other to each make one hundred thousand dollars and recording every step along the way.
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