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Model school encouraging education

Model school encouraging educationRetardZone has learned of the future of schooling and it’s looking beautiful gorgeous amazing pretty. Like model pretty. Not a model like previous school programs, this new school will have former runway models as teachers. The school is bringing in the brightest and best educators which were handpicked from gentleman’s clubs in the surrounding neighborhoods or burrows. What could stop such a brilliant plan? Continue Reading »

10 Reasons BINGO should be banned

BINGO should be bannedSure BINGO sounds innocent, but this invidious sport is taking a heavy toll on society and should be made illegal or heavily taxed like other forms of gambling. Sure it’s not as bad as toddler fighting but it’s only slightly more humane than organized goldfish fighting.
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Reasons to drink alcohol

Reasons to drink alcoholSince exercise is a new fad and people are concerned about their health in greater ways than they ever have been in known history, it makes sense to talk about the alcohol. So grab a can of beer or a glass of wine and start learning why you should be consuming more alcohol.

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10 tips to avoid getting laid off and win Office Survivor

Avoid Getting Laid Off This new recession is brutal and it’s time to start playing hardball to keep your job. Think about that TV Show Survivor and remember if you get mugged on a date you only have to run faster than your girl. Follow our survival tips and find out how you can keep your job and maybe even your home.

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TicketFeeder.com launches state of the art seating technology

George Lucas Ticketfeeder.com has launched cutting edge ‘Take a Seat’ stadium seating technology. In the past fans would have only a vague idea of where they were sitting, but now they can chart exactly where they will be seating. This new technology like google maps sadly can be dangerous in put in the wrong hands and we’re here to think worse case scenarios.

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Documentary on post election stress disorder

Post election malaiseToday millions of Americans across the country are coming to terms with the fact the election is over. After the war it’s difficult to return to everyday life and post election stress disorder is a real disease and it’s effecting people across the country. This video shows the human costs of America’s most expensive election…
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The World’s ugliest webcam girl

Most popular suicide destinations 60 plus years, a lifelong battle with alcoholism and cigarettes have taken their toll on Darlene but through all that and incontinentce she perseveres. Her story goes far beyond just being the ugliest web cam babe in the world, it’s a tale of quiet redemption, courage, dental malpractice and a totally unflappable sense of self-worth…
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Top 10 hottest celebrities infected with STDs

Most popular suicide destinations Using scientific methodology we have taken the most attractive celeberities infected with STD’s and determined which are the most attractive. Each subject was given a total score or DRrf or Disease Risk Reward Factor taking account for physical appearance, wealth, and disease severity…
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Argentina sweeps Olympics in retarded humor with slit-eyed pics

Argentina Wins!Argentina is well known for losing to larger countries in battle, first the Falkland Islands and now apparently the South American country is looking to be defeated by the Chinese. WIthout a Chinese version of the Falkland Islands nearby (save Vancouver) Argentina is making an Olympic effort to upset the Chinese into defeating them.
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Hot reporter goes down for a story

Zorb victimHot reporters are willing to do more than just go down for a story some are nearly got killed by a giant ball. Not just a run of the mill ball either, it was a single ball (like John Kruk’s) or more specifically a giant transparent sphere intended to be fun.
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