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Even more controversial ads for The Family Place

Child AbuseThe Family Place is a Dallas based group that has drawn lots of attention for a controversial ad campaign. Here are their ads plus some even more controversial ones that they should have run…
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Documentary on post election stress disorder

Post election malaiseToday millions of Americans across the country are coming to terms with the fact the election is over. After the war it’s difficult to return to everyday life and post election stress disorder is a real disease and it’s effecting people across the country. This video shows the human costs of America’s most expensive election…
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Top 10 politically incorrect reasons our schools are failing

Failing SchoolsOur schools are failing and funding is not the only reason. There are some obvious reasons like too much read tape and bloated administrations but here are the ten most controversial and politically incorrect reasons America’s schools are failing our kids.
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Astroland amusement park in the Middle East

Most popular suicide destinations The world famous yet tacky Astroland amusement park in Coney Island New York recently closed it’s doors this month. The good news is that the park has been indeed sold to an unnamed Middle Eastern country. See the differences between the old park and the new one…
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Top 10 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Most popular suicide destinations A recent worldwide poll has found that most people around the world do not accept the myth that al Qaeda was behind the attacks on September 11th. With so much confusion about who was actually behind the whole thing our researchers carefully pieced together the ten most likely conspiracy theories.
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Complete guide to things banned in Saudi Arabia

Banned in Saudi Arabia Appearing in public with out a veil is just one of the things you aren’t supposed to do in Saudi Arabia. To avoid confusion we have compiled a list of things you aren’t allowed to do in the happiest Kingdom on Earth to avoid any unwanted arrests, imprisonments or socially embarrassing be-headings.
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Banned movie on the Quran: Fitna

FitnaDutch parliament member Geert Wilders has caused a huge controversy with his film Fitna on the Quran. The video was banned by it’s American web host Network Solutions and cannot be shown on TV in the Netherlands. Watch it and see what all the fun is about. Warning: some graphic images.
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Retards rig election results in Texas

Rigging an electionsYesterday a major act of voter fraud went unnoticed, not the one where I went and voted for Hillary either. One of the sites that I frequent The Trading Fraternity had it’s own important election. If you really support something or have nothing better to do at work why stop at voting just once? Continue Reading »

Avoiding registered offenders in your neighborhood

armed children The website familywatchdog.us lets you enter your address and see if there is a registered sex offender in your neighborhood. See if you need to start arming your children before they go out to play in front of in the front yard. We ranked 30 major cities and the results were a little surprising, find out who won.
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Monday morning quarterbacking Hillary Clinton

90210Like the New England Patriots run for the Superbowl Hillary Clinton’s nomination was supposed to be a coordination and the house both were in betting terms sure things. With Texas now as a must-win state for Hillary the latest poll now show her trailing to Obama by 6 points. It’s never too early to start Monday morning quarterbacking how she lost her 20 point lead in the polls… Continue Reading »

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