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Richard Widmark died after being shot by illegal alien (according to Wikipedia)

Widmark DiedActor Richard Widmark died after being shot in the spine by an illegal alien the age of 93. That was what I read on Wikipedia earlier today, the true cause according to his wife was the he died of a long term illness. So unless you buy into a wild conspiracy theory that the wife and gardener were having an affair and she’s covering up for him you can chalk this up to another crazy web rumor, like 9/11 being a conspiracy. Continue Reading »

Retards rig election results in Texas

Rigging an electionsYesterday a major act of voter fraud went unnoticed, not the one where I went and voted for Hillary either. One of the sites that I frequent The Trading Fraternity had it’s own important election. If you really support something or have nothing better to do at work why stop at voting just once? Continue Reading »

Retard competes in Olympic gymnastics for wrong team

Retard GymnistSure we all can’t win the gold, but competing for let’s say the women’s track team would buy you at least three seconds on your mile. In the army chicks only had to run at a brisk walk to pass their physical requirements tests (guess the bad guys need to be told not to chase women at full speed). So if we’re going to have steroids in professional sports and co-ed bathrooms let’s cheat our way to the gold… Continue Reading »

World’s funniest candy jar

Ultimate candy jarA few months ago we decided to glue a candy jar shut with epoxy and photograph all of the freeloaders at work trying to get candy. Since then we’ve been scratching our brains (ouch) trying to come up with something to top that candy prank. Inspiration finally hit (again ouch) and here’s what happened…
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Politically correct wrapping paper

Politically Correct Wrapping PaperHaving a company Christmas Holiday Party but don’t want to offend anyone. Why not try wrapping your gift in politically correct wrapping paper. Without that monster Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, snow or anything that would or could offend anyone your options are somewhat limited… Continue Reading »

World champion speedwalker attacked by Samurai

Samurai AttackWatching Japanese TV makes me wish I had a big budget or any budget at all to do stupid things on video. That and that those perfect bodied anime chicks were real and less boring. Anyway this Japanese TV show Spring of Trivia plays a cruel joke on racewalking champion Jefferson Perez. They wanted to see what would happen if Perez was attacked by a gang of sword-wielding samurai: would he rely on his expert racewalking skills to get away, or would he simply run away? Continue Reading »

The cost of scaring people

don't scare meSure I love a good prank just as much as the next guy if not more, but you might want to think twice before you scare some people. It’s possible this kid grew up in a bad neighborhood and every time someone surprised him there was some kind of mugging or violent attack. On the plus side at least the kid wasn’t armed… Continue Reading »

Kids getting high on poop

Poop drugsUrine and poop aren’t just for tasteless pranks anymore. Kids need only a soda bottle and a balloon to converted sewage into a hallucinogenic drug. This has all the hallmarks of a good internet prank so local police might want to wait before going out and breaking up poop labs. Continue Reading »

Retarded Halloween office party

retarded halloweenThis year’s first annual retardzone staff Halloween celebration was appropriately retarded. Although Halloween is now being banned in some school districts where it offends Muslims it is quite literally the last politically correct holiday remaining. I did my best to set this one last acceptable holiday back to getting even it banned. Continue Reading »

23 retarded friends lowering the IQ of six billion

Retard ThumbToday while I was surfing the web when I really should have been working I found an utterly retarded site and decided it needed help. The ‘6 billion’ people webpage only had 43 people on it so I decided to add myself 23 times. Now beyond the two pictures of myself I needed to come up with 21 of my friends to help contribute to this site. Continue Reading »

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