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Dell support very very no good thank you very much

Dell support headachesKarma is the concept of “action” or “deed” in Indian religions understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect described in some philosophies. You have all heard of someone that has done something good and mentioned karma coming back on them and rewarding them. After you read this, you will have a story about someone that karma hates –> me! Continue Reading »

Top ten politically incorrect sources of pollution

Top 10 politically incorrect ways to save the planetSure everyone is willing to go blame Hummers, oil companies, rich people building in pristine places and styrofoam for ruining the planet but what about the less politically correct sources of pollution. Let’s put everything on the table and be willing to go beyond the bumper stickers and make the hard choices necessary to save this planet of ours.
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Banned movie on the Quran: Fitna

FitnaDutch parliament member Geert Wilders has caused a huge controversy with his film Fitna on the Quran. The video was banned by it’s American web host Network Solutions and cannot be shown on TV in the Netherlands. Watch it and see what all the fun is about. Warning: some graphic images.
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One domain name that should be illegal

I realize that nearly everyone in this world wants to make money. I also know that most people are willing to cheat and lie and scam for money, which is their right… usually. But when something comes across my email in order to phish or attempt to scam, things get annoying. So, now I’m annoyed. Continue Reading »

Serbs overrun American embassy – democrats plan withdrawal

Embassy BurningHundreds of protesters overrun the closed American embassy in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both pledged to withdraw US forces then bickered over which of them had a faster retreat strategy. Walter Cronkite declared if there was going to be a war there we had already lost it. Continue Reading »

Monday morning quarterbacking Hillary Clinton

90210Like the New England Patriots run for the Superbowl Hillary Clinton’s nomination was supposed to be a coordination and the house both were in betting terms sure things. With Texas now as a must-win state for Hillary the latest poll now show her trailing to Obama by 6 points. It’s never too early to start Monday morning quarterbacking how she lost her 20 point lead in the polls… Continue Reading »

Hitchens tells the Archbishop of Canterbury to go to hell

Christopher HitchensThe Archbishop of Canterbury recently suggested that having Sharia or Muslim law in the UK was ‘Unavoidable’. Christopher Hitchens, who is one of the most eloquent, thoughtful and principled writers out there weighed in on the subject. Suffice it to say the fellow Brit was not amused with the prospect of a joint judicial system in Britain… Continue Reading »

Pedro takes your tax dollars and makes a run for the border

Pedro takes your tax dollars and makes a run for the borderPedro, Pedro, Pedro.  U.S. customs took $59,000 from Pedro Zapeta.  To be honest though, it wasn’t all his money.  When the government attempted to give him some of his money, he refused to accept it.  Now this mess has evolved and you and I are paying for it.  Continue Reading »

Man hooks up with wheelchair bound 75 yr old Elizabeth Taylor

She's a witchUnlike Anna Nicole Smith who was a stripper when she hooked up with billionaire J. Howard Marshall, this guy has cash of his own. African American businessman Jason Winters is by all accounts very wealthy. Why then would this non hideous rich guy go chasing down a wheelchair bound Elizabeth Taylor? Could it be the diamonds perfume she hawks is really just cover witchcraft?
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Press uno for English

Press uno for EnglishIt’s not easy being caucasion in some areas of los Estados Unidos de América, I mean the United States of America. While Hispanics and Latinos are described as the largest minority group in the United States, there are approximately over 44 million people to whom they refer (though sometimes it seems like more when you drive into some neighborhoods). Continue Reading »

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