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Vote for me – I might pull out

Oil disruptionCount last night’s democratic presidential debate as one that finally asked a good question. The candidates were asked point blank if they could would be out of Iraq by 2013. In what may have been the greatest tease of all time all three major democratic candidates Edwards, Obama and Clinton said no. Continue Reading »

MySpace spam

MySpace spamIt’s a well known fact that if it weren’t for spam, half of the work day would be available for things like goofing around at work, millions of people would go home to only see empty personal email inboxes, the Internet would run quicker and people would get bored sooner.  Here’s another spam depository, I call it MySpace. Continue Reading »

John Chow advocates killing endangered species

John Chow advocates killing endangered speciesIn what must be one of the oddest advertisements I’ve seen in my 5 hours total time of being on a computer, there is an ad for John Chow’s website where he’s holding a knife to a panda’s throat in a threatening manner.  I’m not sure if this is something that Canadian’s are aggreable to, but in the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth, this is not acceptable. Continue Reading »

If you can’t stop smile as you go under

Nice parking squirrelSometimes people who drive horribly encourage road rage.  Road rage is like roid rage, only without the steroids or homeruns or dead family members (we’ll miss you Benoit).  Though I’m not usually the kind to have road rage, I am not immune to it or it’s effects.  Now though, I have parking lot rage. Continue Reading »

Craigslist can give you Jungle fever

Craigs listCraigslist is like ebay, but chalk full of hookers. I had one friend who didn’t know there was anything but escorts in it and another married friend who found out and spent quite a while browsing it. A friend of mine, who is always sending me horrible things only to IM me a second after I click on the link to “do not click on this link” sent me this…
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100 year old smoker mocks surgeon generals warning

100 year old smokerWinnie Langley has been smoking since the 1914. I am pretty sure that the millions of cigarette tax dollars that Rob Reiner raised for anti smoking in California could buy a decent hit man. This old lady is a poster child for smokers and if Rob hears about this in between meals she’s a goner.

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Tapping feet in restrooms is a misdemeanor

Tap Dancing banBeware of tapping your feet in public restrooms it could wind up getting you arrested or even something much, much worse. Normally when I am tapping my feet it’s because I have to go to the bathroom. According to police the foot tapping in addition to putting your bags on the bathroom door is a signal that you want to get some George Michael bathroom action.
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Whale watching trip goes horribly wrong

whale watching gone wrongWhale watching tourists off the coast of Japan were treated to an unexpected site when a whale they were looking for were watching was hauled into a nearby whaling boat. Japan’s controversial whaling program is categorized by as being scientific and for research purposes. Although the program mainly measures the whale meat delivered to Japanese restaurants and supermarkets. Continue Reading »

Toxic pajamas from China part of wider conspiracy?

Toxic PajamasThe safety problems affecting Chinese goods spread from toys to textiles on Monday as New Zealand said it would investigate allegations that imported children’s clothes contained dangerous levels of formaldehyde. Experts bring up the rational point that this makes up a tiny fraction of exports from China and that most of the defective products come from unscrupulous sub contractors and are isolated incidents. Myopic news lemmings like me who will readily latch onto any half baked conspiracy theory see something far more sinister…
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Posting dumb pictures on web can get you fired

Fired after Web PostingSam Wakim who had been appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board last November was forced to resign for a web posting made in 2005. Wakim did not create the image, which has floated around on Web during the time that the state considered giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.
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