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Roid rage in the cage

Roid Rage in the CageIt’s understandable that there are many occassions when taking steroids is not fair (Yahoo! Barry, Barry’s Dog) or leads to violence (Katie Couric, Chris Benoit), but here’s a situation where taking steroids is fair and leads to equal voilence. Continue Reading »

Googltrocity – Sponsored

Googltrocity SponsoredSponsoring one’s self is definitely nothing new.  People talk about themselves all the time and mostly everyone thinks they are great (no matter how deranged).  I wonder how Google handles the transactions where they are paying themselves and selling to themselves.. is the EPS (stock talk) altered by these numbers? Continue Reading »

Birthrate Declining Everywhere But Where I Look

Birthrate Declining Everywhere But Where I LookThe lowest birth rate in years, decades and whatever else.  I’m not sure where the numbers were gathered from but I can tell you that when I’m driving through Los Angeles, I question if every-other Mexican isn’t pregnant.  Seems that either the Mexicans are getting fat or pregnant, except of course the bangers shooting each other. Continue Reading »

Googltrocity – Apostrophe

GoogltrocitySure the apostrophe is not given the attention of the period or the comma.  But is the apostrophe really deserving of being picked on based on it’s race or ethnicity?  I think not!  And Google shouldn’t take part is this practice… Continue Reading »

God Hates Road Rage

God Hates Road RageSeems that the Vatican has come forward to issue “10 Commandments” for good motorists. Stupid? Ya, I think so. And when I think it is, it must be bad because I’m retarded. Let me run down the list for you.
Continue Reading »

Honor Student Dog

Honor StudentMaybe it’s just me.  Maybe it’s just the retard with this sticker.  I can understand when people are bothered or annoyed by the “My Child Is An Honor Student” stickers.  In my day honor roll wasn’t given out just because you spell your name correctly (though I got close to spelling it right so many times. Continue Reading »


GoogltrocityGoogle + atrocity = Googltrocity
How does a retard like me get listed on Google, to the top return of their search engine?  Do you want to know?  Sure you do.. but this isn’t Google-hacking or Google-whacking or Google-spanking or Monkey-spanking.  The trick is … Continue Reading »

Nice Drants Dude

Nice Drants DudeI wanted to be the first to introduce you to Drants.  Definitely this retarded guy was very confused and might have shopped in the women’s department and purchased a dress.  Next thing you know he staples the center area together and voilà, DRANTS! Continue Reading »

Cooking Some Aspergers

Cooking Some Asperger'sI’m not sure who started “Evan O’Dorney has Asperger Syndrome” crap, but it does not seem to be correct.  Apparently the BUNG (Blogging Universe of Nitwits Galore) that infects the Internet confuse any social ineptitude with Asperger Syndrome. Continue Reading »

Obesity Sucks

Obesity SucksThere are clearly not enough obese kids (or people) in the world.  There’s proof of that every time you head to the movie theater and people aren’t asking for two seats, or when airlines allow just one person to squeeze into a single seat. Continue Reading »

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