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Humorless Apple pulls Baby Shaker iPhone game

iPhone Baby ShakerApple didn’t have the corporate resolve to keep one of the more entertaining games in it’s App Store. The “Baby Shaker” application let potential abusive parents to practice shaking their crying babies quiet.
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Celebrities giving the gift of death

Celebrity gifts that killed Getting an expensive car, race boat or airplane from a celebrity may seem like a perfect gift but it could wind up costing you your life. Here are the top 10 celebrity gifts, the givers, and the rest of their sad story.

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Literal music video from Red Hot Chili Peppers

Literal Music VideoHere is a literal version of their famous Red Hot Chili Peppers under the bridge song that actually matches the video. Maybe if more drugged out hippies musicians would lay off the drugs for a few days their videos might make a little more sense like this one.
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Economic threat level to replace terror level

Presidential Economic Threat AdvisoryWashington, DC — Today the White House unveiled it’s Economic Threat Level replacing the former administration’s infamous Terror Threat Level. Critics hailed the new system which will track the administrations assessment of financial risks to the nation. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was quoted as saying the shift in policy shows the new administration’s focus on the economy.
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Behind the music: 10 most unlucky presidential pets

Unlucky Presidential Pets First pooch Bo may be getting star treatment being the first presidential pet in the Obama white house but not all presidential pets see happy endings. Here are the ten most unfortunate first pets and what went wrong.

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Eating from the dead: top 10 deceased food icons

Eating the dead It’s not really cannibalism but there’s a very good chance you’re eating the dead (well not literally but it’s the job of the new press to jump to conclusions.) Some of the biggest names in food aren’t as fresh as their frozen food. Here’s the ten biggest names in food branding who aren’t letting death slow them down…

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Burger King into square backsides

Burger King into Square ButtsThe Burger King is cool, not as cool as the Jack in the box clown head guy but at least you don’t have to bow to him. The King will not only give you “back” but he’ll dig it even if it’s square.

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FDA’s 3 second rule on acceptable filth

Acceptable levels of filth A little filth won’t kill you and apparently the FDA has it’s own version of the "3 second rule" known as "The Food Defect Action Levels: Levels of Natural or Unavoidable Defects in Foods That Present No Health Hazards for Humans."Find out just how much rodent excrement is good for your chocolate, peanut butter or fruit juice.

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Obama explains away bow to King Abdullah

Obama didnt bow to Kind Abdullah To the untrained eye it may have appeared that Obama had bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at a G-20 meeting in London. The White House is denying that this was the case and here are some spin possible explanations for what actually happened…

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Glenn Beck predicts apocalypse

Glenn Beck predicts apocolypseIt’s always nice when TV personalities predict things like world series winners or win to sell your house. It’s even cooler when they go nuts like Olbermann does almost every night. This one is a cartoon and really didn’t happen but it’s still pretty cool.
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