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Billionaires and their sources

billionaires and their sourcesBillions. It doesn’t sound like a special word, it’s uttered daily by people and when talking about the world’s economy billions sounds incredibly small next to the trillions. Have a quick look at some billionaires and what made them that way.
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Reality TV show game

Reality TV is a gameReality TV is educating the general public, teaching that lies and dishonesty are acceptable ways to conduct games, contests, and even ways of life. In case you missed the latest season of Survivor, this is a good point for you to start catching up on what life is becoming. Survivor should be renamed to ServLiar.
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Ten best shows on TV

Ten Best TV Shows Here are the ten best shows currently on television as compiled by RZone staff members.

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A straight guy’s guide to buying intimates for your girl

Buying Intimates Online So you’ve decided to get your women some intimates, and being a guy you have no clue what to get them or where to go. Here is an idiot’s guide to getting them something that might get you some and avoiding any pitfalls.

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It’s game time

Oprah retirement Playing games has been around since the first caveman found a rock and started throwing it at other cavemen. What today is referred to as dodgeball use to be dodgerock, but what about less physical games that only require an Internet connection and fingers not too dirty from eating Fritos and Nerds.
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Worst hotel in the world: Big Apple Metro Hotel in Woking

Most popular suicide destinations The Metro Hotel in Surrey England has won the prestigious World Hotel Review Association’s award for "Worst Hotel in the World" for 2008. With just under one hundred thousand hotels in the world the Big Apple property had to go out of it’s way to earn that title so read how they were able to do it…
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World’s 10 most popular suicide destinations

Most popular suicide destinations Where you ask are the ten most inviting places to commit suicide? Well sit back and let us be your suicidal travel agency and find the most desirable jump-off points in the world.
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A retard’s guide to Switzerland

SwitzerlandLike most retards, there’s not a lot of extra money floating around in my family’s non-forking family tree. The only time the word “trust” is mentioned is in regards to how my sister doesn’t “trust” the men in the family after the really awkward shower mix up (a third time). So with money tighter than Oprah’s kitten trapped underneath her couch cushion, here’s a retard’s guide to Switzerland.
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A retard’s guide to nerd income

A retard's guide to nerd incomeYou are a nerd, live in your parent’s basement (or attic if you live in the Western United States), and you need to prove social stature to your nerd friends that you are better than they are. Well, you could either watch NUMB3RS and laugh along with me at their antiquated mathematical equations, or you could sell your life and soul. Continue Reading »

A retard’s guide to e-commerce

Stores OnlineWorking for a company that doesn’t survive based on the Internet is becoming more unique. Most companies that aren’t failing don’t survive entirely on the Internet for income, which might be a good thing. For those on the web that succeed, there’s no question that they are hoping to brand something different that makes them the next Facebook or MySpace or Retard Empire. Continue Reading »

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