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A retard’s guide to unlocking phones

Locked PHoneWhen your boss pays you by the hour, what wouldn’t you do for him or (if you’re lesser of a man and are subservient to a woman) for her”? My boss and I are friends, and have been friends for a longer time period than I’ve been his employee. There are many non-work things that I would do for my boss, including using a murder kit. But there are some things I wouldn’t do… Continue Reading »

Would you rather send out Guido and Vinny?

Would you rather send out Guido and Vinny?I’ll admit it.. Not only am I a Retard (and proud to be) but I’m dealing with increasing credit card debt. Between supporting single moms (ya, you know what I mean) and paying for things I have no reason to buy, like the World’s funniest candy jar, I’ve spent a little more money than I’ve earned. I don’t think it’s a big deal though, I’ll just apply for another credit card to pay the other ones off. Continue Reading »

Should you drop MySpace for thoughts?

thoughts.com wants you to share your thoughts. Seems pretty inviting. The idea of the site starts out like blogger.com or typepad.com or wordpress.org, but separates itself from other blogging sites with one sentence which almost seems obscured in the signup process, “When you sign up for a free blog and start posting, you will have an instant audience”. I’m now paying attention. Continue Reading »

Garfield cartoon reveals sociopathic behavior

Garfield without GarfieldTake the cat out of the strip and you basically have some crazy homeless type babbling incoherently to himself. One brave blogger using photoshop has exposed the neurotic behavior the typical lonely cat owner for who they really are. If you look closely enough this cartoons display all the classic symptoms of a sociopath. Continue Reading »

30 Greatest functional Lego creations of all time

Functional Lego CreationsRather than working today I decided to find the 30 greatest functional Lego creations of all time. So here in no particular order are Lego phones, furniture, electronic items and even a few weapons. Continue Reading »

Facebook voted #1 by Megan’s Law violators

I’m not saying that I use FaceBook everyday (sometimes the public library is closed so I can’t get on a computer). When I can get on the computer I take every opportunity to find myself more imaginary friends. This time, I was able to find a new friend that not only was on Facebook but was on one of their applications, Have Sex. I don’t know what to say, but maybe… COUNT ME IN! Continue Reading »

A tribute to Fidel Castro’s health care system

Fidel Castro in hospitalIn the medical field if you are not providing aggressive or ‘heroic’ medical care you are simply providing ‘palliative’ care or aid and comfort. In a tribute to Fidel Castro (hero to millions) let’s celebrate Cuba’s palliative health care system… Continue Reading »

Corvette designer rolling, over in his grave

There is little questioning the recognizability of the American born and bred, Chevrolet Corvette. Whether you are a car aficionado or just a school age boy able to recognize the difference between a girl and a boy, the Corvette has a history to be proud about, until N2A gets a hold of it. Continue Reading »

There Will be Blood coming from your wallet & eyes if you watch this craptastophre

Movie review for bloodAnytime you hear the word ‘oscar nominated’ used repeatedly to promote a movie without hearing the even more overused catch-phrase number one movie in America be afraid, be very afraid. There Will be Blood failed to be a number one movie in America, which means that it couldn’t outdraw the likes of Hanna Montana, Juno, Alvin & The Chipmunks, and 27 Dresses. Read our superficial synopsis and save yourself the misery and pain that is sitting through this craptastrophe. Continue Reading »

Monster menagerie from The Mist

90210I thought one of the coolest trailers of the year was for the Stephen King movie ‘The Mist’ so I went to go see it with two of my best friends. I was unprepared for the menagerie of monsters that I was about to be confronted with. Most movies have just one monster, a shark, an alien with two sets of teeth or some wildly mutated animal – but not Mist. If you are even thinking about seeing this movie or have seen it and want to see the animal kingdom from the movie read more.
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