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Eco-friendly vibrator helps save environment one crank at a time

Eco-friendly friendly VibratorBatteries create a whole host of problems for our struggling planet from zinc which is extremely polluting to mine, to their manufacture and disposal issues. So that’s why the green company earth angel ‘comes’ in to make the planet a little better for everyone with the world’s first environmentally friendly vibrator…
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Top 10 Swine Flu conspiracy theories

Swine Flu Conspiracy Theories The entire world is gripped by the outbreak of the human form of swine flu, which the number of suspected swine flu cases in Mexico has climbed to 1,614, including 103 deaths. Our team of scientists, doctors, researchers and janitorial staff have come up with the 10 most likely sources for the virus AKA conspiracy theories.

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FDA’s 3 second rule on acceptable filth

Acceptable levels of filth A little filth won’t kill you and apparently the FDA has it’s own version of the "3 second rule" known as "The Food Defect Action Levels: Levels of Natural or Unavoidable Defects in Foods That Present No Health Hazards for Humans."Find out just how much rodent excrement is good for your chocolate, peanut butter or fruit juice.

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Obama administration considering spending billions on geoengineering

Geoengineering Scam The president’s new science adviser said Wednesday that global warming is so dire, the Obama administration is discussing radical technologies to cool Earth’s air. Geoengineering or planetary engineering would involve the deliberate modification of Earth’s environment on a large scale "to suit human needs and promote habitability." Here are some of the leading methods of Geoengineering being discussed…
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Lobbying for the extinction of chimpanzees

Chimpanzee ExtinctionChimpanzees are the most closely related animals to man, and perhaps because of that they practice horrors normally associated only with man. Outside of building cars and belching carbon dioxide these little monsters are worse than animals. Here are just some of the crimes they practice and just some of the reasons they should all be hunted down and killed.

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Top 10 retarded allergy treatment scams

Allergy Scams Allergies effect nearly 20% of Americans whose bodies respond abnormally to usually harmless substances in the environment. With such a wide range of allergic reactions it’s impossible for medicine to treat all of the symptoms leaving many searching for effective treatments. Here are the most dubious scam treatments you should avoid like the plague..

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The DSe hybrid solar powered boat a Titanic disaster?

Solar Powered Boat The DSe hybrid is a brand new 42 foot boat promising "green cruising". What could go wrong building buying a $600,000 dollar boat from a startup company promising a miraculous new product? Here’s our top ten reasons you might want to wait for reviews before rushing out to buy one.

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The Last Winter shows how drilling in ANWR could end the world

Last Winter Disease The Last Winter is a cautionary tale about the dangers of drilling in ANWAR. No not global warming, or oil spills but a dangerous and mysterious disease called TLW Disease. It can cause airplanes to crash, ghost dinosaur attacks, homicide, suicide and will basically bring about the end of the world.
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Top 10 hottest celebrities infected with STDs

Most popular suicide destinations Using scientific methodology we have taken the most attractive celeberities infected with STD’s and determined which are the most attractive. Each subject was given a total score or DRrf or Disease Risk Reward Factor taking account for physical appearance, wealth, and disease severity…
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The eco-friendly solution to the housing crisis

84 square foot houseOne women has solved our housing problem, environmental problems, and with her new prototype home we can escape hurricanes without damage to our property. We may need some period of adjustment when we change over to this new style of living but the rewards are limitless. Continue Reading »

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