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Underage gymnast controversy at Beijing Olympics explained

Famous DeadThis article takes an in-depth look at the biggest controversy to come out of Beijing – the controversy surrounding the Chinese Gymnasts. Read along as together we thoroughly research the most likely explanations for this underage controversy.
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Real life alien monster double bite

Goblin sharkThe move Aliens introduced most of us to a monster that had a second smaller set of jaws open up from it’s mouth which seemed totally retarded but cool. The goblin shark pretty much has the same thing which is totally worthy of some retard attention…
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Jamaicas track dominance explained scientifically

Jamaican Track DominanceScientists are attempting to explain why Jamaican runners are dominating the track world. It could just be the good weather and a lack of more interesting sports in Jamaica – but making up conspiracy theories is the lifeblood of the internet.
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How many cannibals could you feed?

Cannibal FeedSure when that old guy comes on TV late at night and asks you to feed starving children somewhere maybe it should take into account there are starving cannibals in the world. You might wonder while watching a zombie movie or just staring at yourself in the mirror how many cannibals could I feed – well wonder no more… Continue Reading »

Vaporware product of the month: 5 million dollar 4 bedroom underwater house

Vaporware subSure five million for a four bedroom smallish apartment would probably be not such a bad deal in New York city but the Trilobis 65 Floating Home doesn’t exist. It’s one of those vaporware products that companies without real products make shiny pictures of and pretend to sell without making any of them. Sort of like a company that has imaginary friends, like the retard empire. Continue Reading »

A tribute to Fidel Castro’s health care system

Fidel Castro in hospitalIn the medical field if you are not providing aggressive or ‘heroic’ medical care you are simply providing ‘palliative’ care or aid and comfort. In a tribute to Fidel Castro (hero to millions) let’s celebrate Cuba’s palliative health care system… Continue Reading »

Final score on black hole question: Astrophysicist 1 Retard 4

Question AnsweredThroughout the web there are sites that allow anyone to answer questions, and just because you don’t really know what you are talking about you have every right to offer an opinion.
Question: What happens when a black hole meets another black hole of the same size? (and the range is near enough for both to engulf/suck in/take in the other)… Continue Reading »

Millions afflicted by Gingervitis

GingervitisGingervitis is a serious hereditary disease caused by a recessive gene. It can lay dormant for years and two perfectly healthy parents can have Ginger Babies. Gingervitis affects millions of people world wide. The symptoms of gingervitis include: Red hair, pale skin, and freckles, a “Soulless” feeling. Continue Reading »

Woman has 200 climaxes per day

200 per daySARAH Carmen, 24, says the Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome that she suffers from can cause her to have climaxes at any time of day. She explained: “Anything can set me off. Even the hairdryers cause funny pulsations through my body. Continue Reading »

Aqua Dots thinning the herd

warningOnce upon a time there was a teenager who had outgrown all toys and thought things purchased in the children’s department or toy stores was beneath them. Then came China with their wonderful manufacturing techniques, low wages, oppressive government, ill-will towards the United States, and patent disregard for workplace safety and environmental policies that would make Dick Chaney feel squeamish.. This is where the story begins but definitely not where it will end. Continue Reading »

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