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10 worst status messages guaranteed to cost you friends

10 worst status messages Status messages are a little window into your world, telling people hey you aren’t that bad be my friend. Fortunately for you we’ve compiled a list of status messages that will cull the politically correct, overly sensitive and humorless from your friends list….

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What eye makeup is right for a man?

Mens Guide to Eye Makeup Sadly, eye-makeup isn’t just for women and weird uncles who never marry anymore. Here is a retard’s guide to mascara for men.

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Retard’s guide to dealing with collection agencies

Collection Agencies GuideAre you in debt, are you receiving harassing phone calls at work and getting bills saying you owe someone money? If so you need to read the retard’s guide to collection agencies…

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Retards guide to why you need health insurance

Retards Guide to Why You Need Health Insurance Not having health insurance and not planning to commit suicide is like driving without car insurance. Here are the top ten retarded reasons you should have health insurance.

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A straight guy’s guide to buying intimates for your girl

Buying Intimates Online So you’ve decided to get your women some intimates, and being a guy you have no clue what to get them or where to go. Here is an idiot’s guide to getting them something that might get you some and avoiding any pitfalls.

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A retard’s guide to cheating

Retards Guide to Cheating Cheating isn’t just for politicians who want to get elected anymore – you too can use the web to cheat your way to happiness for less than you might think. Here is our retarded guide to cheating on the internet.
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Mail order brides for the retarded

Mail order brides for the retardedI’m finally going to get married. It will be a fine day too, though none of my relatives will be there and most are more embarrassed of me than proud of me. I received an email from “Fred Walker” who claimed to be a attractive blonde and in the email was a link which I felt compelled to click on. That was the start of my wife hunting. Continue Reading »

Planning the world’s most retarded vacation

Worlds most retarded vacationIt’s not often that we talk about our personal lives on this site, but Michael is planning the most retarded vacation of all time and I just had to share. His new girl we will call ‘married girl’ is taking a vacation next month and he’s booked a room on the same cruise sneak in some quality time with her. Continue Reading »

Citi credit card fraud spam costs me $7,681.93

Credit card fraudLast week my life was literally ruined when I received an email from what I thought was citi fraud protection. The very official looking email looked like the real thing to me and upon getting I rushed to unlock my account. Fortunately I documented everything and hopefully others can learn from my $7,681.93 mistake.
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Bring the Olympics to your home town

Most popular suicide destinations The Olympics won’t be coming to your home town without a billion dollar budget, millions in bribes and kickbacks and recently it requires a suppressive communist government. Don’t let that or a lack of international level athletic talent stop you from competing your home town’s very first Olympic games.
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