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Fake miniatures without bothering to build models

fake mini Photographers use a process called tilt-shift miniature faking to take pictures of life size locations or objects and manipulate them the depth of field to make them look like miniature models. By distorting the focus of the photo, the artist simulates the shallow depth of field normally encountered with macro lenses making the scene seem much smaller than it actually is. Continue Reading »

One domain name that should be illegal

I realize that nearly everyone in this world wants to make money. I also know that most people are willing to cheat and lie and scam for money, which is their right… usually. But when something comes across my email in order to phish or attempt to scam, things get annoying. So, now I’m annoyed. Continue Reading »

Ask the admin why he likes being punked

Wow, it’s been such a long time since we’ve heard from Karl, a.k.a. Ask The Admin. Apparently it was a slow day today and he decided that he should bring an old story back to life. Continue Reading »

Beer consumed through smell alone

drink smell beerGuys are kinda dumb and they really like beer, sometimes it smells good and doesn’t taste so good. If only there were a way to smell it but not have to taste it… Wait a second this clever drunk Russian guy has figured out a solution. Continue Reading »

The benefits of ruining your life

ruining lifeThinking about getting married? This could be the most important mistake decision you will make in your life. There are some benefits, some risks and some potential rewards. Take a quick retarded view on matrimonial bliss and weigh your options before making the plunge to the death of your single life. Continue Reading »

Must have Hello Kitty toy for women

Hello KittyIn what may be the most ironic product names of all time hello kitty from Sanrio is selling a vibrating massager on it’s online store. It was being marketed as a “shoulder massager” but just take a look at it…
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Eco friendly afterlife…

Eco friendly afterlifeTrue the planet will probably be better off without your carbon footprint, belching and farting methane, driving a car, and breathing – but what about your coffin. Don’t make your final act be as environmentally counterproductive as the rest of your infestation/life on this planet. Continue Reading »

Cool iphone mod

iPhone modI have no inclination to buy an iPhone, nothing against macs but if I wanted to stare at something covered in smudges I would start fingering my monitor. This guy took his iPhone re-painted all of the apple logos for some unknown reason. Continue Reading »

Parking for retards

Parking for retardsSome moron has decided into park in one of our spots and we are way too immature to let this go without wildly inappropriate overreaction. Parking directly behind the parktard didn’t seem to do the trick so we decided to get the city involved, or at least by proxy.
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UK Microsoft Jackpot Lottery winner

#I’m going to retire. I never thought this day would come, but I won a lottery! I know that soon all of my family and friends and friends of friends will start talking to me again and acknowledge that I’m alive (I miss you mommy!) because of my new found wealth. Though I haven’t found out how to collect yet. Continue Reading »

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