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Social Security Agency website hours of business

Social Security Agency website hours of businessIt is my fault. It is your fault. The SSA, a.k.a. Social Security Agency, asked me to check my information online. Now while I don’t usually bother checking things like this, I guess boredom made me do it. Of course, I wasn’t expecting a website to only function during regular business hours. Continue Reading »

New Lego train: Emerald Night 10194

10194 Lego TrainLego revealed it’s latest Lego train the Emerald Night 10194 and it’s arguably their best ever. Continue Reading »

Life on Mars: TV show with three versions in three years

Life on Mars Life on Mars is a TV show that has been filmed three different times with the exact same characters and plot in three years. Here is a complete comparison of all three series each filmed in a different city.
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How Nancy Pelosi Could become 46th President before 2012

President Nancy PelosiIf Obama wins Nancy Pelosi is two heartbeats away from becoming the first women American President. Here is what could very well bring America it’s 46th President before the 2012 election.
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Insane mother breastfeeds 8-year-old child

Insane mother breastfeeds 8-year-old childVeronika Robinson an editor for a natural-parenting magazine appeared on national TV to explain why she is still breastfeeding her daughter who is nearly eight – and why she gave her older daughter breast milk as a ninth birthday present.

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The ultimate Battlestar Galactica Viper link

Battlestar Galactica Viper2008 is the 30’th anniversary of the ABC television show Battlestar Galactica which was eventually re-made into an award winning Sci-Fi Channel series. Here is the complete history of the Viper, the iconic fighter ship from my favorite TV series of all time.
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Pierre Cardin unleashes world’s most retarded fashion show

world's most retarded fashion showYou could chalk it up to senile dementia or maybe just being French but 86-year-old Pierre Cardin has launched what experts agree is the most retarded fashion show in the history of the world. These images are real pieces were not part of a hidden camera show but were part of his spring/summer 2009 ready-to-wear collection show in Theoule-Sur-Mer, southern France. Continue Reading »

The Royal Caribbean Oasis – world’s largest cruise ship

The OasisIn 2009 the world will see the latest “largest cruise ship ever built” Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. The cruise ship has divided the ship has several firsts including neighborhoods, a zip line, levitating bar, a carousel and loft suites. It features a unique design that literally cuts the top half into separate buildings that face each other making it more like a hotel than a ship.
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Researching my Nigerian Lottery winnings

Lottery MoneyI still can’t believe my luck, last week I received the fantastic news that I had won the lottery! Not just any lottery either, but as it turns out $600,000 dollars in the global online sweepstake lottery. The email apparently has something to do with Nigeria so I tracked down someone from Nigeria to try to find out out my winnings.
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Random add friend requests can equal fun

Add Random Friends for FunThose ads that advertise three thousand dollars a week to work at home, ever wonder what they get paid to do? Well most of them spend there time viral marketing spamming people online. The next time one of them posing as a girl goes to add you as a friend on your instant messenger account – add them and let the fun begin…
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