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Universal Studios Hollywood to use fire in their new marketing

Universal Studios FireThe recent fire at Universal Studios has provided a unique marketing challenge, how do you market a theme park that has recently suffered catastrophic fire damage? Well those clever Hollywood marketing types have risen the challenge and pulled a new marketing campaign from the ashes jokingly referred to by some as a fire sale.
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Retardzone opens storefront location

Vending Machine Other popular websites have translated their virtual success into real life brick and mortar storefronts, and retardzone is no different. We have now launched a physical storefront self contained snack food cash transaction device also known as a vending machine.
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McCain’s Wiki entry vandalized

McCain VandalismRepublican Presidential Candidate John McCain’s Wiki entry was defaced today where the war hero’s open dictionary biography was replaced by a one paragraph rant form an Obama supporter. The defacement referred to McCain as a crazy old guy who cheated on his handicapped wife. Continue Reading »

Island paradise for sale – some assembly required

Island for saleHaven’t you ever wanted to move to a tropical island paradise – well if you have a few million dollars there is one in Fiji for sale. The 1 mile long island is for sale, complete with a resort (some assembly required.) I have seen various prices for the island ranging from 20-25 million, but with the recent real estate slump you could probably get it for less.
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Iraq vet tackled and stopped shooter in Las Vegas shooting

Iraq HeroIraq war veteran Justin Lampert, was the first to tackle the shooter at the Las Vegas hotel New York, New York. Cool story, this guy was enjoying himself on vacation and ran towards the guy everyone was running away from.
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Robber shoots and kills accomplice in botched robbery

Robber ThumbPretoria, South Africa –
A robber killed his accomplice and wounded a spaza (ghetto version of 7-11) shop owner they were robbing at Mamelodi East in Pretoria, police said on Thursday.

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Ex marine beats a bear to death with a log when it turned on his kids

Dead BearNorcross resident Christ Everhart took his three boys on their first camping trip to the Chattahoochee National Forest last weekend. There, a 300 pound bear set her sights on their cooler. But when Chris’ son distracted the wild animal, the bear dropped the cooler and headed for the 6-year-old boy.

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Man to have 33 pound tumor removed from face

Giant Facial Tumor31 Year old Huang Chuncai of China suffers from the world’s most extreme recorded case of neurofibroma, But now doctors in southern China are preparing to carry out an operation the thirty-one-year-old hopes will transform his future.
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SUV vs Compact

SUV vs CompactDo you like a nice traffic causing car crashes as much as I do?  If you don’t, stay the hell off the following freeways: 101, 405, 5, 91, 1, 133, 26, 23, 118, 134 … oh hell, just move to someplace that only has farm equipment. Continue Reading »

Flamingos are Democrats

Gay FlamingosCarlos and Fernando, two gay flamingos recently adopted a chick in England. These horny little pink bastards are frequently into same sex couples, threesomes, and even foursomes. Next time you see a flamingo doing a wing dance be ready, it frequently leads to an all out flamingo orgy.

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