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Jealous crane operator use cheating wife’s boat as wrecking ball

Wrecking CheaterSure it’s as fake as Lindsey Lohan’s rack and has equally bad acting, but still it’s decently entertaining. Besides unless you live in my trailer park you don’t see stuff like this everyday.
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Poor black & white people united by bad furniture

Red House Furniture UnitesPoor people of all colors and creeds can’t afford to buy furniture, appliances or electronics with their bad credit. That’s where the Red House Furniture Store of High Point North Carolina comes in…
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Muppet’s Eleven

Muppets EvelvenI assumed that Oceans Eleven was a chick film and ignored like anything that would show up on the Lifetime Channel. An all Muppets version of the recycled heist film would get me into the theater though…
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Literal music video from Red Hot Chili Peppers

Literal Music VideoHere is a literal version of their famous Red Hot Chili Peppers under the bridge song that actually matches the video. Maybe if more drugged out hippies musicians would lay off the drugs for a few days their videos might make a little more sense like this one.
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Burger King into square backsides

Burger King into Square ButtsThe Burger King is cool, not as cool as the Jack in the box clown head guy but at least you don’t have to bow to him. The King will not only give you “back” but he’ll dig it even if it’s square.

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Documentary on post election stress disorder

Post election malaiseToday millions of Americans across the country are coming to terms with the fact the election is over. After the war it’s difficult to return to everyday life and post election stress disorder is a real disease and it’s effecting people across the country. This video shows the human costs of America’s most expensive election…
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Water skiing shopping cart

Water Skiing Shopping CartNothing brings more class to a neighborhood than a shopping cart and a lake is no exception. This dress wearing stuntman modifies this shopping cart for water skiing hi-jinx.
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Base jumper falls 1000 feet and lives

Base JumperMost people die from a short 150 foot jump off a bridge but not Norwegian base jumper Hans Lange. Lange, 44 feel about 1,000 feet only to land on a tree and survive with only a broken leg.
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Bring the Olympics to your home town

Most popular suicide destinations The Olympics won’t be coming to your home town without a billion dollar budget, millions in bribes and kickbacks and recently it requires a suppressive communist government. Don’t let that or a lack of international level athletic talent stop you from competing your home town’s very first Olympic games.
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Water skiing the streets of Florida

Street Water SkiingStreet water skiing requires a car (preferably with a hatchback), a few inches of standing water, standard wakeboard equipment, and a complete disregard for one’s own personal safety. While it may not be an Olympic sport yet, it’s already a gold medal retard event.
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