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Real life alien monster double bite

Goblin sharkThe move Aliens introduced most of us to a monster that had a second smaller set of jaws open up from it’s mouth which seemed totally retarded but cool. The goblin shark pretty much has the same thing which is totally worthy of some retard attention…
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Hot reporter goes down for a story

Zorb victimHot reporters are willing to do more than just go down for a story some are nearly got killed by a giant ball. Not just a run of the mill ball either, it was a single ball (like John Kruk’s) or more specifically a giant transparent sphere intended to be fun.
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World’s most retarded sport – cactus diving

Cactus DivingCactus diving is the latest in a long line of retarded sports, and simply requires a patch of cactus and the desire to be completely retarded.Sure there are tons of retarded sports out there like curling, speed-walking, one-man wrestling, and of course the special olympics all qualify but this is pure retardation Continue Reading »

Retard wrestling invisible opponent

Invisible WrestlingThe only thing faker than wrestling is Lindsay Lohan’s rack is wrestling, and since it’s all choreographed anyway why not make it slightly more believable and wrestle an imaginary opponent. One part mime one part Hulk Hogan and throw in some Japanese for flavor and you have yourself some invisible wrestling. I am so betting on the transparent one next time with my underground wrestling bookie. Continue Reading »

Retard roller coaster death trap car

retardmobileTake a car and mount the seats eight feet in the air hanging in front of the car and you have yourself a death trap roller coaster of fun. Continue Reading »

Retard dancing/driving contest

retard driverTake a couple white people who are sure pretty sure they can break dance and or have regular seizures, a Delorean car, and a video camera for the aforementioned epileptic attention starved morons and you have a recipe for disaster. Fortunately no one was killed in the filming of this video, but behavior like this should not be tolerated and if you see something like this call the police. Or better yet just bust a cap, oh wait skip the cap gun just use a shotgun. Continue Reading »

Retards use machine gun to cut down trees

Retard tree cutterOne of the coolest shows on TV is Mythbusters and in one of the cooler things they did was cut down a tree with a mini gun. Sure non-retarded people use an ax or a chainsaw but when you have a machine gun that fires thousands of rounds a minute why waste the effort. Continue Reading »

Retard driving tow truck

Retard driving tow truckSure it’s fun to hire the handicapped but when you do you might want to get some more insurance and be sure to have plenty of video tape. Here is a short video showing what happens when a retard drives a tow truck… Continue Reading »

Documentary on world’s worst facial deformity

Living life as a butt faceKevin Armstrong is a brave little 12 year old with acute Solumoristosis, an extremely rare genetic deformity that horribly disfigures his facial appearance. This is the heart warming documentary focuses on how the boy overcomes his handicap and perseveres in a society that places so much emphasis on physical appearance. Continue Reading »

Making that scary girl part fun with Clitter!

Female Part GlitterSure the female part can be a little intimidating and battling odor down there is a cottage industry. Now there is a product to make that scary part fun for everyone. With eleven scented glitter color packs you can decorate your very own smiley face down there with Clitter! Continue Reading »

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