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Retard competes in Olympic gymnastics for wrong team

Retard GymnistSure we all can’t win the gold, but competing for let’s say the women’s track team would buy you at least three seconds on your mile. In the army chicks only had to run at a brisk walk to pass their physical requirements tests (guess the bad guys need to be told not to chase women at full speed). So if we’re going to have steroids in professional sports and co-ed bathrooms let’s cheat our way to the gold… Continue Reading »

Laundrymat beat down office space style

Chinese LaundryPeople who berate employees at Laundrymats fail to take into consideration that the Chinese have a thousand years of kung fu in their blood. You can only push them so far before they bust out a can of bruce lee whoop ass. This video is great it reminds me of the printer beat down scene in office space, one of the all time great cinematic moments. Continue Reading »

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